Last updated at Tue, 21 Mar 2023 16:25:39 GMT

SC Media has announced the 2018 SC Awards and (drumroll, please…)

InsightVM is proud to take top honors as Best Vulnerability Management Solution in the Trust Awards category.

Our team works tirelessly day in and day out to bring SecOps best practices to our customers, help our customers secure their modern networks, and work across teams to solve their trickiest problems. It means the world to us when these efforts are recognized.

The post from SC Media highlights Rapid7’s impact-focused approach to remediation, breadth of live data collection, and improvement of team efficiency.

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Impact-focused approach to remediation

"[InsightVM] helps identify the remedial actions that will reduce the most risk in one fell swoop."

Our vulnerability management solution, InsightVM takes a solution-focused approach to vulnerability remediation. In jargon-less terms, we don’t just give you a list of every vulnerability to fix, but rather elevate the individual actions that can have the biggest impact on your risk overall. For example, by highlighting patches that fix multiple vulnerabilities across multiple systems and by using our Attacker-Based Risk Analysis, you take into account the true impact of a vulnerability—above and beyond standard CVSS. In short, we make sure your limited time translates to the biggest possible results.

Breadth of live data collection

“[InsightVM] collects live data from endpoints, servers, cloud environments, containers and virtual devices – including newly discovered devices joining the network.”

Cloud services, virtual devices, containers, and remote workers make up the constantly changing modern network, and they’re just the beginning. These dynamic environments require modern solutions that go beyond quarterly scanning to understand how ever-changing risks are impacting organizations in real time. InsightVM’s direct connections to sources like AWS and VMware ensure that you never miss changes to your attack surface—keeping you ahead of the bad guys. Learn more about how InsightVM can help you secure your modern network.

Improvement of team efficiency

“Using InsightVM, organizations can reduce remediation time, increase security team efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership.”

Today’s security, IT, and development teams are coordinating efforts across multiple disciplines and geographic locations. This collaboration, in the spirit of SecOps, is imperative, but hard. InsightVM makes this process as painless as possible by driving remediation directly though IT’s ticketing workflow and live, fully customizable dashboards. This ensures that exactly the right information is delivered to the right person so they can get their job done faster, better, and more accurately.

Aw, we’re blushing

We are truly honored to be recognized as SC Media’s Best Vulnerability Management Solution for 2018. We’re going to proudly display this award next to our other recent accolades, like our recognition as a Leader in the Forrester Wave™: Vulnerability Risk Management, Q1 2018.

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