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Privilege Escalation

Linux BPF

CVE-2017-16995 is a Linux kernel vulnerability in the way that a Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) is verified. Multiple sign extension bugs allows memory corruption by unprivileged users, which could be used for a local privilege escalation attack by overwriting a credential structure in memory to gain root access to a compromised host. The bpf_sign_extension_priv_esc module uses C exploit code written by rlarabee to perform the privilege escalation.


How debug exceptions are handled after a MOV SS or POP SS instruction could lead to a privilege escalation vulnerability against certain Windows kernels. bwatters-r7 created a module in framework that utilizes a compiled version of can1357's exploit to gain SYSTEM access on vulnerable 64-bit Windows hosts. Because the CVE is recent, the exploit works with several modern releases of Windows 10x64. If you would like to dig more into how this exploit works and see brilliant older features sometimes have unexpected effects on current software, check out can1357's blog post about it.

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