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Let’s talk about the reality of the remediation process today. We know it is often a cumbersome and time-consuming process, and it can be challenging for a Security team to work with IT Operations and Development teams, servicing many assets and owners. There isn’t a vulnerability management team on the planet that hasn’t been affected by productivity-draining reporting, emails, ticketing, and one-off vulnerability verification requests.

We help solve this hairy problem for our InsightVM customers with Remediation Projects, which allow teams to coordinate on the progress of remediation initiatives. Remediation Projects serve as living, breathing versions of the more traditional spreadsheets that have commonly been used by security teams. These Projects take a solution-based approach and provide remediators with the exact steps needed to patch vulnerabilities and, ultimately, reduce risk. Additionally, Remediation Projects integrate with ticketing solutions like Jira and ServiceNow so that you can automatically assign work to remediation teams and monitor progress.


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We’re excited to introduce you to two new InsightVM product updates that have been made to help you further reduce friction in the remediation process, save time, and gain greater efficiency.

Let’s dig into these new capabilities, starting with Validation Scanning for Remediation Projects.

Verify remediation efforts with Validation Scanning

We’re excited to announce that you can now save even more time with Validation Scanning for Remediation Projects in InsightVM. This capability is available to InsightVM subscribers who take advantage of the Scan Engine Management on the Insight Platform feature.

With Validation Scanning, you can immediately verify that your applied remediation solutions have taken effect with on-demand scanning, instead of waiting for your next scheduled scan or Insight Agent assessment. This results in a simplified scanning process and gives you results faster.

To run a validation scan on eligible solutions in your InsightVM Remediation Project, follow these steps:

  1. In InsightVM, click the Remediation Projects tab in your left menu. On the Remediation Projects page, click the name link of the project that has solutions you want to validate. Check the boxes of any eligible solutions you want to validate. (The solution must have either the “Open” or “Awaiting Verification” status and have no scans already running on its affected assets to be eligible.) Click Run Validation Scan.

2.   A window informs you that the status of any “Open” solutions will change to “Awaiting Verification” as a result of this action. Click Continue to proceed with the validation scan. Check the Do not show again box if you want to run future validation scans immediately without this window appearing.

3.   You’ll then see a box that shows “Starting Scan,” indicating that your Validation Scan is in progress. You can check the progress of your validation scan by clicking the scan in progress link inside the Run Validation Scan tooltip.

Expanding user permissions for remediation efforts

We’ve expanded user permissions in InsightVM to facilitate better collaboration by enabling site owners and remediation teams to create and manage their own static Remediation Projects. Enabling teams to self-serve eliminates the burden for InsightVM Admins to manage every card and dashboard in InsightVM that’s needed by site owners.

There you have it. We strive to change the reality of remediation processes today by introducing ways in InsightVM to remove friction and gain efficiency. Validation Scanning in InsightVM and enabling non-Admin InsightVM users to self-serve are just two of the most recent ways we’re expediting the remediation process and saving you time.

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