Last updated at Thu, 01 Dec 2022 15:37:45 GMT

It has been an action-packed day at AWS re:Invent. For security professionals, one of the most exciting announcements has to be the launch of Amazon Security Lake. We see a lot of potential for this new service, which is why Rapid7 is proud to announce the immediate availability of an integration between InsightIDR and Security Lake. Read on to learn more!

What Is Amazon Security Lake?

Amazon Security Lake gives AWS customers a security data lake that centralizes AWS and third-party security logs. What’s more, all data sent to Security Lake is formatted using the recently-launched OCSF standard. That means even if logs come from different services or different vendors, all logs for a given activity (e.g. all cloud activity logs, all network activity logs, etc.) will have the same format in Security Lake. This will make it easy for customers and their third-party vendors to make use of the data in Security Lake without first having to normalize data.

Another big feature in Security Lake is the granular control it offers. Customers can choose which users and third-party integrations can access which data sources and determine the duration of data that is available to each. For example, a customer might give their developers the ability to view CloudTrail data from the past five days so they can troubleshoot issues, but give InsightIDR the ability to view CloudTrail data from the past year.

InsightIDR’s Integration With Amazon Security Lake

InsightIDR’s new integration allows it to ingest log data from Security Lake. At the moment, InsightIDR will only ingest logs from AWS CloudTrail. Over time, we plan to add support for additional OCSF log types, which will allow customers to send data from multiple AWS and third-party services to InsightIDR through one Amazon Security Lake integration. This will give us the potential ability to immediately ingest and parse logs from any new third-party solution that gets introduced, as long as that solution can export its logs to Security Lake. Another customer benefit is that by consolidating the ingestion of multiple logs via Security Lake, onboarding and ongoing maintenance will be greatly reduced.

If you are an existing InsightIDR customer and want to take advantage of the new integration with Amazon Security Lake, instructions for setup are here.