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5 min Cloud Security

Center for Internet Security (CIS) unveils Azure Foundations Benchmark v2.0.0

CIS recently unveiled the latest version of their Azure Foundations Benchmark. This is the first major release since its launch more than 4 years ago.

2 min Cloud Security

Reduce Risk and Regain Control with Cloud Risk Complete

Detect and manage risk across cloud environments, endpoints, on-premises infrastructure, and web applications, with Rapid7's Cloud Risk Complete.

4 min Cloud Security

MITRE ATT&CK® Mitigations: Thwarting Cloud Threats With Preventative Policies and Controls

It's essential to implement robust security measures to protect your organization. One way to do this is to utilize the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

3 min Automated Remediation

3 Steps for Ramping Up to Fully Automated Remediation

Implementing automated remediation doesn't happen overnight—it takes time and a good roadmap. This article offers an incremental crawl, walk, run approach.

4 min Vulnerability Disclosure

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Management Port Exposure Confusion

Microsoft Defender for Cloud, until recently, didn't distinguish "" as a synonym for "any" when checking for management port exposures for Azure instances.

5 min Healthcare

Cloud Security Strategies for Healthcare

The healthcare industry must innovate in the cloud to meet patient needs, but organizations need to do so without creating unnecessary or unmanaged risk.

4 min Cloud Security

What Tech Companies Should Look For in Cloud Security

Learn from Temporal Technologies's Brandon Sherman and Ancestry's Tony Black about how today's tech's security teams can tackle cloudsec challenges.

4 min InsightCloudSec

New InsightCloudSec Compliance Pack: Key Takeaways From the Azure Security Benchmark V3

In this article, we look at the new Azure Security Benchmark V3 and identify some of the controls that we view as particularly impactful.

3 min Cloud Security

CIEM is Required for Cloud Security and IAM Providers to Compete: Gartner® Report

Cloud Security and IAM providers should consider prioritizing specific CIEM capabilities according to a new Gartner report.

4 min InsightCloudSec

Trading Convenience for Credentials

Adoption of food apps has been incredibly fast and they are now a ubiquitous part of everyday culture. However, the tradeoff for that convenience is risk.

3 min Cloud Security

Hallmark Channel: Securing the Season

In 2021, Hallmark Channel finished as the number one network among “women 18 and above”, which led to $147.8 million in revenue generated from holiday programming alone. It’s safe to assume the company doesn’t want intellectual property (IP) theft cutting into those kinds of returns.

4 min Cloud Security

Cloud Security and Compliance Best Practices: Highlights From The CSA Cloud Controls Matrix

In this blog post, we’ll dive into one of the most commonly-used cloud security standards for large, multi-cloud environments: the CSA Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM).

4 min Vulnerability Disclosure

Cengage LTI Session Management Leakage

Cengage, an education technology provider in use in many higher education environments primarily in the United States, had two issues in the way it handled session management over its Learning Tools Integration (LTI) pipeline.

4 min Cloud Security

Spoiler Alert: Your Favorite Content Might Not Be Secure

In this blog, we look at the macro issue of the entertainment business shifting to a streaming-first focus and the increased need for content and IP security.

2 min IoT

Get your head in the cloud(s)

Many organizations are in the midst of adopting the cloud faster than ever before; it’s arguably mission critical for their success and longevity.