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What’s New in InsightIDR: Q1 2023 in Review

InsightIDR received a number of exciting updates in Q1 2023, including faster search, a redesigned UI, updated investigations, and more.

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Year In Review: Rapid7 InsightIDR

In 2022, We worked with our most forward-deployed practitioners to develop address detection and response pain points and meet specific goals.

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XDR, the Beatles, and Blunt Instruments

The average security team is now managing 76 tools. If you are in that boat and looking to consolidate, our new XDR Buyers Guide can help.

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Trading Convenience for Credentials

Adoption of food apps has been incredibly fast and they are now a ubiquitous part of everyday culture. However, the tradeoff for that convenience is risk.

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What’s New in InsightIDR: Q4 2022 in Review

Our InsightIDR 2022 Q4 recap post offers a closer look at the recent investments and releases Rapid7 made over the past quarter.

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Gartner® Report: Questions to Ask When Selecting an MDR Provider

In an ongoing effort to help security organizations thoughtfully consider potential providers, we’re pleased to offer this complimentary Gartner® report, Quick Answer: What Key Questions Should I Ask When Selecting an MDR Provider?

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Dated, Vulnerable, Insecure Tech Is All Over the News. Hooray.

It may be a while before we know exactly what happened with NOTAM. But, if you rely on outdated technology, it's clear that the time to act is now.

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Increasing The Sting of HIVE Ransomware

Recently, Rapid7 observed a malicious actor performing several new techniques for increasing the impact of HIVE ransomware a victim’s environment.

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Ditch The Duct Tape: Reduce Security Sprawl With XDR

According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, enterprises now manage an average of 76 security tools. XDR is one way security teams are dealing with the sprawl.

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About Anomalous Data Transfer detection in InsightIDR

Data exfiltration is an unauthorized movement or transfer of data occurring on an organization’s network. Identifying this cyber risk is integral to securing your organization’s network.

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Rapid7 Integration For AWS Verified Access

Today at re:invent, Amazon Web Services (AWS) unveiled its new AWS Verified Access service, and we are thrilled to announce that InsightIDR — Rapid7’s next-gen SIEM and XDR — will support log ingestion from this new service when it is made generally available.

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InsightIDR Launches Integration With New AWS Security Data Lake Service

One of the most exciting announcements has to be the launch of Amazon Security Lake. We see a lot of potential for this new service, which is why Rapid7 is proud to announce the immediate availability of an integration between InsightIDR and Security Lake.

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Search Made Easy: InsightIDR’s Secret Weapon for Efficiency and Efficacy

InsightIDR has lots of features that have enabled my organization to identify and respond more easily to threats. In this blog post, I’m going to share some insight into my favorite – InsightIDR’s Log Search function.

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A SIEM With a Pen Tester's Eye: How Offensive Security Helps Shape InsightIDR

At Rapid7, our laser-focus has always been trained on one thing: helping digital defenders spot and stop bad actors. From the start of our story, penetration testing — or pen testing, for short — has been one of the cornerstones of that obsession.

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What's New in InsightIDR: Q3 2022 in Review

This Q3 2022 recap post takes a look at some of the latest investments we've made to InsightIDR to drive detection and response forward.