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Two Rapid7 Solutions Take Top Honors at SC Awards Europe

We are pleased to announce that two Rapid7 solutions were recognized on Tuesday, June 21, at the prestigious SC Awards Europe.

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The Average SIEM Deployment Takes 6 Months. Don’t Be Average.

If you’re part of the huge growth in demand for cloud-based SIEM, claim your copy of the new Gartner® Report: “How to Deploy a SIEM Solution Successfully.”

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Are You in the 2.5% Who Meet This Cybersecurity Job Requirement?

Multitasking has become a cybersecurity job requirement, but with the right technology, there could be a better way.

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3 Ways InsightIDR Users Are Achieving XDR Outcomes

Users of InsightIDR, Rapid7's cloud SIEM and XDR solution, are already making XDR outcomes a reality.

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What's New in InsightIDR: Q1 2022 in Review

We highlight the updates we made to InsightIDR in Q1 2022 to help you save time while still leveling up your detection and response program.

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MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluation: InsightIDR Drives Strong Signal-to-Noise

Rapid7 is very excited to share the results of our participation in MITRE Engenuity’s latest ATT&CK Evaluation, which examines how adversaries abuse data encryption to exploit organizations.

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Demystifying XDR: The Time for Implementation Is Now

In the last installment of our Demystifying XDR series, Forrester analyst Allie Mellen fills us in on what XDR implementations look like today.

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SIEM and XDR: What’s Converging, What’s Not

XDR aims to solve the challenges of the SIEM tool for effective detection and response to targeted attacks.

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3 Ways InsightIDR Customers Leverage the MITRE ATT&CK Framework

The MITRE ATT&CK framework strengthens experiences within InsightIDR by providing context, evidence, and recommendations all in one place.

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Run Faster Log Searches With InsightIDR

Let’s explore how to make the best use of InsightIDR’s Log Search capabilities to get the correct data returned back to you as fast as possible.

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Demystifying XDR: How Curated Detections Filter Out the Noise

Forrester Analyst Allie Mellen chats with Rapid7's Sam Adams about how curated detections in XDR fight false positives.

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This CISO Isn’t Real, But His Problems Sure Are

The odds are stacked against this poor guy (and you) now – but a unified Extended Detection and Response (XDR) and SIEM restacks them in your favor.

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Demystifying XDR: Where SIEM and XDR Collide

Forrester analyst Allie Mellen shares her perspective on SIEM vs. XDR and how the two can coexist within today's SOC teams.

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2021 Cybersecurity Superlatives: An InsightIDR Year in Review

We laughed, we cried, we added over 750 new detections.

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The Great Resignation: 4 Ways Cybersecurity Can Win

Cybersecurity has had a talent shortage for years. Here are four ideas about how to prepare for it and win.