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RHSA-2009:0402: openswan security update

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RHSA-2009:0402: openswan security update



Openswan is a free implementation of Internet Protocol Security (IPsec)and Internet Key Exchange (IKE). IPsec uses strong cryptography to provideboth authentication and encryption services. These services allow you tobuild secure tunnels through untrusted networks. Everything passing throughthe untrusted network is encrypted by the IPsec gateway machine, anddecrypted by the gateway at the other end of the tunnel. The resultingtunnel is a virtual private network (VPN).Gerd v. Egidy discovered a flaw in the Dead Peer Detection (DPD) inOpenswan's pluto IKE daemon. A remote attacker could use a malicious DPDpacket to crash the pluto daemon. (CVE-2009-0790)It was discovered that Openswan's livetest script created temporary filesin an insecure manner. A local attacker could use this flaw to overwritearbitrary files owned by the user running the script. (CVE-2008-4190)Note: The livetest script is an incomplete feature and was notautomatically executed by any other script distributed with Openswan, orintended to be used at all, as was documented in its man page. In theseupdated packages, the script only prints an informative message and exitsimmediately when run.All users of openswan are advised to upgrade to these updated packages,which contain backported patches to correct these issues. After installingthis update, the ipsec service will be restarted automatically.


  • redhat-upgrade-openswan
  • redhat-upgrade-openswan-doc

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