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Attackers are constantly evolving. With Qualys, your technology isn’t.

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To stop malicious attackers, you have to think like them. Spoiler alert: Measuring vulnerability risk on a 1-5 scale isn’t going to cut it anymore. 

But in this growing world of unknowns, Rapid7 InsightVM is the answer. Stop wasting hours of your limited time on basic compliance scanning and thousands of pages of reporting. Stop struggling to find trends and actionable data in your vulnerability management interface. From one team of security professionals to another: You deserve your time back.

Keep reading to learn why so many security leaders have switched from Qualys to Rapid7 for a better vulnerability management experience, and see why Forrester positioned us as a leader in the The Forrester Wave™: Vulnerability Risk Management, Q1 2018.

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Ease of use and interface

How often are you switching between different modules to accomplish all of the tasks required for a comprehensive vulnerability management program? Rapid7 makes it easy to slice and dice your data so you can view and use the data that matters to you, with minimal clicks and additional steps. Full functionality, no modules.

Reporting and dashboards

How easy is it for you to answer questions from management on trends and progress? InsightVM’s granular risk score allows you to take a risk-based approach to better understand trends and actionable data from our interface. Our live interactive dashboards (or Liveboards) are included in the price.

Risk prioritization

What’s the difference between a 4 and a 5? Not much. Our advanced risk scoring algorithm scaled between 0 and 1,000 automatically includes exploit and malware exposure, as well as vulnerability age. This granularity helps mitigate your fear that unseeable things are falling through the cracks.

Remediation management

How much time is wasted wading through long reports? Create remediation projects focused on the risk that actually matters to you, in the context of your unique environment. Send the right information to the right teams using their existing ticketing systems—at no additional cost.

Exception workflow

Dealing with vulnerabilities you can’t fix? With Rapid7 InsightVM, you can exclude vulnerabilities that can’t be fixed and set up easy approval processes to ensure nothing is missed.

Free InsightVM Trial

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