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The End of DNS Changer, Business As Usual For the Other 400 Million

I read an article in today's Wall Street Journal that nearly made me fall off the stationary bike. The title, “Malware Threat to the Internet Corralled [] ,” caught my eye, but the first line was the real shocker: The malware threat to the Internet likely has been tamed. Leading Internet-service providers said Sunday that they had moved to ensure that computers infected with malware l

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The Federal CyberSecurity Bills and What They Mean For Security For the 99%

We've been reading Dan Auerbach's post [] with interest here at Rapid7.  With the activity on Capitol Hill surrounding CyberSecurity, I thought it'd be worthwhile to share his post and discuss: Security for the 99%: “Fundamentally, it's very simple: fewer software vulnerabilities means more security. Once a vulnerability is patched and an upgraded version of software is available and in use, that increases safety for all of us. Ensuring that the

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Critical Threats and Incredible Hype: Reflections on Security in 2011 and What Matters in 2012

2011 was the year of hacktivism and advanced persistent threat, underpinned by a near-constant drumbeat of high profile breaches.  None of these were actually new in 2011: APT has been talked about for several years now, and hacktivism has been around for far longer.  Breaches, of course, have been around for as long as we've had computers.  What's new is the level of public awareness and press commentary.  All three of these have made front page headlines routinely throughout 2011, with literal

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Vendor Security

I'd like to share our experiences with vendor security since I'm sure it's something that impacts all of us. Like every company, Rapid7 relies on a number of technology vendors for a huge range of products and services to run the business. I'm sure no one will be surprised to hear that as a security company we have a policy specifying the security requirements that our vendors need to meet before we'll do business with them. Our view is that their security directly impacts any of our internal or

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What can you do with $50 million? Change the world!!

I'm thrilled to announce that Rapid7 has closed a $50M round of funding today from Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV). This deal has the potential to change our part of the security landscape, since it allows us accelerate even more rapidly in several new ways: * Aggressively expand into new product areas by creating a Boston, MA innovation center and growing our existing centers in Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX * Expand internationally * Acquire technologies in related areas to pro

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Boston Globe Selects Rapid7 as a Top Place to Work

On Sunday the Boston Globe published its annual “Top Places to Work” rankings. This was our first time participating in the list and I'm very proud to report that Rapid7 placed #11 in the category for employers with less than 250 employees. I'd like to congratulate our amazing team, not just those in Boston, but the entire Rapid7 family. The passion and commitment of our team is evident across all our locations, with everyone contributing to the culture that makes us successful. Congratulations

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Moving Up in the World

This week the weather in Boston took a definite turn: our extended summer has finally ended and fall has arrived with its usual flourish of stunning foliage.  While I was admiring Boston's fall look through the windows of my new office on the 29th floor of the Prudential Tower, I thought I'd take a minute to tell you all about our new offices and what moving here means to us. We're actually in the process of adding and upgrading several offices as Rapid7's continued explosive growth stretches o

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In Memory of Jeff Berger

Last Thursday morning when I got to work I was devastated to learn that Jeff Berger, our EVP of Engineering, had passed away unexpectedly the evening before.  It caught everyone who knew him  by surprise: he had seemed perfectly healthy until then. Just the day before,  Jeff and I had been working together and joking around about my new laptop like any other day in the office.  I had no idea that those hours together would be the last time I spent with Jeff.  And later that day and Friday, as I