Last updated at Wed, 19 Jul 2017 18:15:40 GMT

We're now a few weeks into our InsightIDR launch, and the response has been tremendous – thank you! The Insight Platform is purpose-built to help you detect and investigate attacks earlier across your entire network ecosystem. InsightIDR builds upon the tested User Behavior Analytics and full functionality in InsightUBA (formerly UserInsight), and adds powerful log search, investigation, and compliance dashboards for an end-to-end Incident Detection and Response offering.

Everything in InsightUBA is in InsightIDR, along with major developments in three key areas:

  • Fully Searchable Data Set: Both InsightIDR & InsightUBA flexibly integrate with your existing network and security stack, including cloud services, to run analytics on the millions of events your company generates every day. You can now search across that entire data set, whether to complete an investigation, proactively hunt for threats, or fulfill an auditor request. Every log search comes with any available user context, meaning you piece together the incident without the time or effort required to do it in a SIEM.

  • Endpoint Interrogation & Hunting: In addition to proactively scanning your endpoints to detect malware, lateral movement, and privilege escalation attempts, you can now deeply interrogate your endpoints even off your VPN, without having to bring the endpoint on-site to run tedious forensics.

  • Custom Compliance Dashboards: We know meeting compliance standards can be a pain. With the custom compliance dashboards in InsightIDR, you'll find yourself spending less time aggregating, managing, and storing your log data, and more time getting actionable security insight.

If you'd like to learn more, check out an on-demand demo, or get a free guided demo to see exactly how InsightIDR can benefit your organization.