Last updated at Sat, 20 Jan 2024 20:51:24 GMT

Injecting the Time Machine

From contributor timwr comes a new module targeting Time Machine on macOS 10.14.3 and earlier. Specifically, the tmdiagnose binary for these vulnerable versions suffers from a command injection vulnerability that can be exploited via a specially crafted disk label. This new module uses an existing session for exploitation on the target, allowing the Framework user to run a payload as root.

What’s on TV?

If you are nearby to a vulnerable Supra Smart Cloud TV, the answer could be: “Whatever you feel like!” Contributor rootup and our own wvu have a new module which exploits a remote file inclusion vulnerability in the Supra’s openLiveURL function, allowing a local attacker to broadcast fake video without any authentication.

When the Tomcat’s away…

And from our own sinn3r comes a new exploit module targeting Apache Tomcat on Windows. Vulnerable versions of the application (including many of the 7.0 through 9.X releases) contain a CGIServlet component which, when the enableCmdLineArguments setting is set to ‘true’, allows a remote user to execute system commands, leading to remote code execution. While the default value of the enableCmdLineArguments setting is ‘false’ at installation time, the potential for RCE is a nice incentive to try this module out.

New modules (4)

Enhancements and features

  • PR #12023 from wvu-r7 modifies the search command to return the results of any previous search by default, returning nothing if there was no previous search.

Bugs fixed

  • PR #12045 from busterb fixes an issue where reverse_https handlers would report that they did not properly bind to a free port.
  • PR #12044 from mkienow-r7 fixes an SNMP::NoSuchInstance bug in the auxiliary/scanner/snmp/snmp_enum module.
  • PR #12036 from mkienow-r7 fixes a missing workspace bug in the OpenVAS importer.
  • PR #12029 from space-r7 fixes a crash in the creds command when a credential doesn't have a private object associated with it.
  • PR #12025 from wvu-r7 adds fixes to sshexec related to hanging on exec! and blocking close.
  • PR #12022 from jbarnett-r7 deregisters the PASSWORD_SPRAY option from LoginScanner modules, since it is not supported yet.
  • PR #12014 from wvu-r7 fixes a crash in modules that call the get_uri method from the HttpServer library before the service has started.
  • PR #12007 from wvu-r7 changes the behavior of the send_request_cgi and send_request_raw methods in the HttpClient library (technically the underlying code in Rex::Proto::Http::Client) to perform expected behavior when supplied with a zero-second timeout.
  • PR #11976 from timwr fixes the shell command on Android Meterpreter to explicitly use the correct path to the shell binary.
  • PR #11968 from busterb enables UDP support only where there are compatible payloads, removing some broken stager/stage combinations from the payload module list.
  • PR #11923 from CCob corrects a bug from an uninitialized value in the Linux x64 shellfindport payload.

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