Last updated at Wed, 17 Feb 2021 12:30:24 GMT

As the threat landscape continues to evolve in size and complexity, so does the security skills and resource gap, leaving organizations both understaffed and overwhelmed. An ESG study found that 63% of organizations say security is more difficult than it was two years ago. Teams cite the growing attack surface, increasing alerts, and bandwidth as key reasons.

For their research, ESG surveyed hundreds of IT and cybersecurity professionals to gain more insights into strategies for driving successful security analytics and operations. Read the highlights of their study below, and check out the full ebook, “The Rise of Cloud-Based Security Analytics and Operations Technologies,” here.

The attack surface continues to grow as cloud adoption soars

Many organizations have been adopting cloud solutions, giving teams more visibility across their environments, while at the same time expanding their attack surface. The trend toward the cloud is only continuing to increase—ESG’s research found that 82% of organizations are dedicated to moving a significant amount of their workload and applications to the public cloud. The surge in remote work over the past year has arguably only amplified this, making it even more critical for teams to have detection and response programs that are more effective and efficient than ever before.

Organizations are looking toward consolidation to streamline incident detection and response

ESG found that 70% of organizations are using a SIEM tool today as well as an assortment of other other point solutions, such as an EDR or Network Traffic Analysis solution. While this fixes the visibility issue plaguing security teams today, it doesn’t help with streamlining detection and response, which is likely why 36% of cybersecurity professionals say integrating disparate security analytics and operations tools is one of their organization’s highest priorities. Consolidating solutions drastically cuts down on false-positive alerts, eliminating the noise and confusion of managing multiple tools.

Combat complexity and drive efficiency with the right cloud solution

A detection and response solution that can correlate all of your valuable security data in one place is key for accelerated detection and response across the sprawling attack surface. Rapid7’s InsightIDR provides advanced visibility by automatically ingesting data from across your environment—including logs, endpoints, network traffic, cloud, and use activity—into a single solution, eliminating the need to jump in and out of multiple tools and giving hours back to your team. And with pre-built automation workflows, you can take action directly from within InsightIDR.

See ESG’s findings on cloud-based solutions, automation/orchestration, machine learning, and more by accessing “The Rise of Cloud-Based Security Analytics and Operations Technologies” ebook.


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