Last updated at Mon, 20 Sep 2021 15:59:19 GMT

Move over, macros — automated login is here.

At Rapid7, we know the most powerful tools in your security portfolio are the ones that help you understand your risks quickly. With our new automated login for InsightAppSec, you can access and scan even the most complex, modern applications quickly and easily. That means you'll spend less time worrying about whether your scans are authenticating and more time assessing and responding to vulnerabilities.

In the world before automated login — we'll call these the dark ages — security professionals needed to write scripts and rely on macros to navigate more complex applications with their many layers of authentication. This has always been a time-consuming process that takes resources away from the work of identifying and remediating vulnerabilities.

InsightAppSec with automated authentication analyzes and identifies the login pages, enters the credentials, and logs in to the app automatically. Then, it provides you with a confidence score so you're sure it's been logged in successfully. Fewer confusing steps, fewer macros — just more understanding of risk from the restricted parts of your web applications.

A look inside

So, what's different? Well, for starters, the look and feel of the scan will be intuitive and easy to use. We've taken great pains to maximize your efficiency at every turn so when you start a new application scan and select authentication, automated authentication will be the default.

We've also improved secondary navigation to include new, more logical groupings, making settings easier to find.

The process couldn't be easier. Simply choose the application you wish to scan from the InsightAppSec All Apps page, open Scan Config, and select Automated Authentication from the Authentication's page. Enter your credentials once, and you're good to save for later or start the scan now.

For more on how this works and how automated login improves this process, check out our InsightAppSec Quick Start guide.

The first of many updates

Moving to automated login is more than just a single new feature — it opens the door to more innovations. Automated login uses a new architecture that allows InsightAppSec to interact with web apps in the same way a user and their browser would behave. This is critical as applications become more complex, which in turn presents new challenges to automating certain processes. Automated login is just the first feature we're rolling out based on this new, more innovative architecture.

As web applications become more complex, the solutions you employ to secure them should become more powerful. Automated authentication provides your security team with the ability to efficiently and accurately scan even the most complex applications quickly and in an intuitive way right out of the box. It flattens the learning curve for setting up and running scans, giving any member of your security team the ability to run scans and identify vulnerabilities.

We are including automated login through InsightAppSec for existing and new customers right away. If you want to learn more, click here for more resources.