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6 min PCI

Enforce and Report on PCI DSS v4 Compliance with Rapid7

The PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) is a global forum that connects stakeholders from the payments and payment processing industries to craft and facilitate adoption of data security standards and relevant resources that enable safe payments worldwide.

6 min InsightAppSec

InsightAppSec: Improving Scan Speed and Performance

When scanning a web application in InsightAppSec, you might see it take several hours, if not several days, to run. This can be due to the size of your web app, but plenty of settings in your scan configuration can be modified to help scans complete faster.

7 min Application Security

Application Security Posture Management

In this guest blog post by Eric Sheridan, Chief Innovation Officer at valued Rapid7 partner Tromzo, you’ll learn how Rapid7 customers can utilize ASPM solutions to accelerate triaging, prioritization and remediation of findings from security testing products such as InsightAppSec and InsightCloudSec

5 min Application Security

InsightAppSec Advanced Authentication Settings: Token Replacement

InsightAppSec Token Replacement can be used to capture and replay Bearer Authentication tokens, JWT Authentication tokens, or any other form of session token.

9 min Application Security

Troubleshooting InsightAppSec Authentication Issues

This article details common issues with macro, traffic, and selenium authentication and details how to troubleshoot them.

3 min Application Security

GraphQL Security: The Next Evolution in API Protection

GraphQL allows the user to query specific data from a GraphQL schema and return precise results.

3 min Application Security

Are Your Apps Exposed? Know Faster With Application Discovery in InsightAppSec

InsightAppSec's new application discovery feature, powered by Rapid7's Project Sonar, helps security teams know what apps are exposed to the internet.

3 min Application Security

It’s the Summer of AppSec: Q2 Improvements to Our Industry-Leading DAST and WAAP

Summer is in full swing, and that means soaring temps, backyard grill-outs, and the latest roundup of Q2 application security improvements from Rapid7.

3 min Application Security

Find, Fix, and Report ​OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities in InsightAppSec

The OWASP 2021 Attack Template and Report for InsightAppSec helps you use the updated categories from OWASP to inform and focus your AppSec program.

4 min Cloud Security

Cloud-Native Application Protection (CNAPP): What's Behind the Hype?

Is CNAPP a one-in-all answer to building secure apps in a cloud-first ecosystem, or is it part of a larger story? This post takes a closer look.

3 min Application Security

Rapid7 Named a Visionary in 2022 Magic Quadrant™ for Application Security Testing Second Year in a Row

For the second year in a row, Rapid7 has been named a Visionary in the Gartner® 2022 Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing.

3 min InsightAppSec

InsightAppSec and tCell Bring New DevSecOps Improvements in Q1

In Q1 2022, we've continued to improve InsightAppSec and tCell to help organizations shift left and automate security testing prior to deployment.

2 min Application Security

InsightAppSec GitHub Integration Keeps Risky Code From Reaching Production

The new GitHub Actions integration in InsightAppSec allows security and development teams to automate DAST as part of the CI/CD build pipeline workflow.

7 min Application Security

How InsightAppSec Detects Log4Shell: Your Questions Answered

In this post, we talk about our response to CVE-2021-44228 (a.k.a. Log4Shell) with the Rapid7 InsightAppSec platform.

3 min Application Security

A December to Remember — Or, How We Improved InsightAppSec in Q4 in the Midst of Log4Shell

We wanted to take a moment to recap some of InsightAppSec and tCell's Q4 highlights and give us all a little much-deserved break from the madness.