Application security testing for the modern web


Identify web application vulnerabilities quickly, painlessly, and before they're exposed to attack.


Manage risk across your application portfolio—all at a single glance.


Share actionable insights and collaborate with IT and development to arrive at the right fix, faster.

Click-and-scan web app security testing

You’ve got a handle on your network vulnerabilities, but what about the security gaps in your applications? Web application vulnerabilities continue to be the most common source of data breaches according to the annual Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. You need a powerful tool that identifies all those risks before they escalate—one that crawls your entire application, provides precise results, and is also easy to deploy, use, and seamlessly integrate into your existing security operations.


Built upon Rapid7’s Insight platform and leveraging our proven application security testing engine, InsightAppSec combines ease-of-use with powerful application crawling and attack capabilities. You’ll be up and running in no time: Get visibility into your application vulnerabilities within minutes.


5 Minutes To A Scan

Modern UI and intuitive workflows built on the Insight platform make InsightAppSec easy to deploy, manage, and run. 

5 Minutes To A Scan

  • No installation is required to test your applications—just log in, quickly build your app portfolio, and start scanning.
  • InsightAppSec can also scan internal, non-internet facing apps with optional on-premise engines.
  • A modern user interface and intuitive workflows gets you results quicker.

Proven Crawling and Attack Engine

InsightAppSec’s industry-leading and proven DAST scanning engine comprehensively ensures accurate scanning of today’s most modern apps.

Proven Crawling and Attack Engine

  • Single Page Applications (SPA) and apps built with modern Javascript frameworks are all supported.
  • InsightAppSec’s ability to comprehensively scan the exposed areas of your applications significantly reduces the likelihood you’ll miss a critical vulnerability.
  • Highly accurate detection means fewer vulnerabilities missed and fewer false positives.

Disparate Apps, Centralized Results

Application portfolios provide a single view of all results across all scans. 

Disparate Apps, Centralized Results

  • Scan targets can be grouped together so that results are available in a single view.
  • Data is organized to match your organization’s understanding of an application.
  • Development, pre-production test, and production instances of an application can be tracked as the same application within InsightAppSec, and results can be viewed individually or all at once.

Live Risk Visibility

Achieve instant visibility of application risk through live vulnerability views. 

Live Risk Visibility

  • Live Vulnerability View provides an up-to-date live view of all vulnerabilities for an application, showing results from all scans of that app in a single vantage point.
  • Noise in the data, such as duplicate vulnerabilities, is automatically filtered out.
  • The history of every vulnerability is tracked, showing how many times it’s been detected and in which scans; this provides more context for prioritization.
  • InsightAppSec’s intuitive search interface makes it quick and easy to find the vulnerabilities that matter most. The result is remediation efforts that are focused on high-priority areas first.

Remediation with Confidence

Share actionable insights and collaborate with your IT and development teams to speed remediation.

Remediation with Confidence

  • Integrate with ticketing systems like JIRA to deliver scan results to developers in workflows they’re already accustomed to.
  • Attack Replay empowers developers to confirm vulnerabilities on their own and immediately test whether the vulnerability has been remediated when a fix is implemented.
  • Live vulnerability view results can be easily exported and shared with stakeholders.
  • Status and severity of vulnerabilities is easily managed to better reflect your application security operations.
  • Take action by leveraging detailed vulnerability explanations and remediation recommendations.


Product Brief: InsightAppSec

InsightAppSec brings Rapid7’s proven Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) technology to the Insight platform.

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