Last updated at Tue, 16 Jan 2024 02:20:02 GMT

Word and Javascript are a rare duo.

Thanks to thesunRider. you too can experience the wonder of this mystical duo. The sole new metasploit module this release adds a file format attack to generate a very special document. By utilizing Javascript embedded in a Word document to trigger a chain of events that slip through various Windows facilities, a session as the user who opened the document can be yours.

Do you like spiders?

It has been 3 years since SMB2 support was added to smb share enumeration and over a year ago SMB3 support was added, yet the spiders are not done spinning their webs. Thanks to sjanusz-r7 the spiders have evolved to take advantage of these new skills and the webs can span new doorways. Updates to scanner/smb/smb_enumshares improve enumeration support for the latest Windows targets that deploy with SMB3 only by default.

New module content (1)

Enhancements and features

  • #15854 from sjanusz-r7 - This updates the SpiderProfiles option as part of the scanner/smb/smb_enumshares module to now work against newer SMB3 targets, such as windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and above.
  • #15888 from sjanusz-r7 - This adds anonymised database statistics to msfconsole's debug command, which is used to help developers track down database issues as part of user generated error reports.
  • #15929 from bcoles - This adds nine new Windows 2003 SP2 targets that the exploit/windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi module can exploit.

Bugs fixed

  • #15808 from timwr - This fixes a compatibility issue with Powershell read_file on Windows Server 2012 by using the old style Powershell syntax (New-Object).
  • #15937 from adfoster-r7 - This removes usage of SortedSet to improve support for Ruby 3.
  • #15939 from zeroSteiner - This fixes a bug where the Meterpreter dir/ls function would show the creation date instead of the modified date for the directory contents.

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