Last updated at Wed, 26 Jul 2023 21:05:14 GMT

Every Managed Services organization claims they have the expertise and technology to effectively detect and respond to threats. But can they prove it?

Assessing these services and how they’d perform in a real-world scenario just got easier with results from the first ever MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations for Managed Services.

Rapid7 MDR was excited to participate in this inaugural evaluation, along with 16 other Managed Service providers. We battle adversaries on behalf of our customers every single day, but most of this work goes largely unseen. This evaluation was an opportunity to show a wider audience the early detection, accelerated action, and deep partnership engagement that Rapid7's MDR solution delivers to customers across the globe every day.


And the results speak for themselves.

Rapid7 reported malicious activity across all 10 ATT&CK Evaluation steps

Rapid7 MDR reported 63 of the 74 total attacker ‘techniques’ within these steps, accurately describing the full scope and impact of the breach while maintaining the strong signal-to-noise ratio that everyone expects of Rapid7.

This evaluation offers visibility into a real-world engagement with Rapid7. What our team delivered to MITRE Engenuity wasn’t ‘special’ treatment, but rather a demonstration of the resources, experience, and technology we bring to bear for all customers as part of the unlimited incident response service included with Rapid7 MDR.

Here are other highlights:

Reliable, early detection: we stopped OilRig (a.k.a. APT34) at the starting line

The attack began in a familiar way: a phishing email was used to drop a malicious payload and establish persistence on the workstation of an unsuspecting user. With a foothold in the environment, the attacker performed discovery actions and dumped user credentials, before moving laterally across the organization and eventually collecting and exfiltrating sensitive data.

Rapid7 MDR identified the very first step in the attack, notifying MITRE about the download and execution of the initial malicious payload and providing recommended actions to contain the threat. Had this been a ‘real world’ customer incident, the attack would have stopped here.

Comprehensive coverage across kill chain

As the attack was allowed to continue, our team went on to identify and report to MITRE Engenuity all major steps of the compromise – from discovery and credential dumping to Web shell installation, data staging, data exfiltration, and cleanup.

Robust, actionable reporting

The evaluation also highlights the comprehensive reporting, robust communications, detailed timelines, and deep forensic investigation that Rapid7 MDR customers receive. At the conclusion of the engagement, we delivered a comprehensive 40 page incident report describing in detail the full scope and impact of the breach and attributed the activity to APT group OilRig, an Iran-linked hacking group known to target critical infrastructure.

MDR left the environment better than we found it

While containment was out of scope for this evaluation, you’ll see that Rapid7 provided detailed response and mitigation recommendations along the way. While other Managed Services put work back on the customer to figure out how to resolve incidents and harden their security to prevent similar incidents in the future, Rapid7 provides this guidance and partners with customers to ensure these recommendations are implemented. We provide an end-to-end detection and response program.

Finally, what the MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation doesn’t show you

What’s reported out here is just a slice of what’s possible with Rapid7 MDR.

While this evaluation was largely endpoint-focused, our customers get complete coverage: endpoints, network, users, cloud, and more. As the attack surface grows in complexity, you need a real MDR partner, scaling with your business, driving the end-to-end results, staying ahead of the most advanced attacks, working as a seamless extension of your team.

Our many differences, including integrated DFIR, add up.

To learn more about our evaluation, join our webcast.