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2 min Research

25 Years of Nmap: Happy Scan-iversary!

On September 1, 1997, the open-source security scanner Nmap was released. Our Director of Research Tod Beardsley reflects on the 25th anniversary.

7 min Application Security

OWASP Top 10 Deep Dive: Injection and Stack Traces From a Hacker's Perspective

Injection claimed the number 3 spot in OWASP's 2021 Top 10 application security risks. We highlight why injection remains such a formidable threat.

11 min Public Policy

Hack Back Is Still Wack

The appeal of hack back is easy to understand, but that doesn't make the idea workable. Here, we outline why Rapid7 is against the authorization of private-sector hack back.

5 min Metasploit

Metasploit Hackathon Wrap-Up: What We Worked On

As part of the Metasploit project's second hackathon, Metasploit contributors and committers got together to discuss ideas, write some code, and have some fun.

7 min Metasploit

Hiding Metasploit Shellcode to Evade Windows Defender

Being on the offensive side in the security field, I personally have a lot of respect for the researchers and engineers in the antivirus industry, and the companies dedicated to investing so much in them. If malware development is a cat-and-mouse game, then I would say that the industry creates some of the most terrifying hunters. Penetration testers and red teamers suffer the most from this while using Metasploit [], which forced me to look into how to

6 min Hacking

Building a Car Hacking Development Workbench: Part 3

Welcome back to the car hacking development workbench series. In part two we discussed how to read wiring diagrams. In part three, we are going to expand on the workbench by re-engineering circuits and replicate signals used in your vehicle. If this is your first time stumbling across this write up, I encourage you to check out the previous two parts to this series: Part 1: Constructing a Workbench [/2017/07/11/building-a-car-hacking-development-workbench-part-1] Part 2: How to Read Wiring Di

5 min Hacking

Building a Car Hacking Development Workbench: Part 2

This is part two of a three-part series. Part one [/2017/07/11/building-a-car-hacking-development-workbench-part-1] covered how to build a development workbench. Part two of this series will cover reading electrical diagrams and serve as a primer for part three, where we will re-engineer common circuit types found in vehicles. Electrical Diagrams & Re-identification Technically, your bench is complete at this point, and you can connect an OBD-II to USB conversion device to start interpreting

10 min Hacking

Building a Car Hacking Development Workbench: Part 1

Introduction There is a vast body of knowledge hiding inside your car. Whether you are an auto enthusiast, developer, hobbyist, security researcher, or just curious about vehicles, building a development bench can be an exciting project to facilitate understanding and experimentation without risking possible damage to your vehicle. This is a perfect project for people of a wide range of ages and skill levels. Even if you have never worked on a car before, or you do not feel like your Electronics

5 min Public Policy

Rapid7 Supports Researcher Protections in Michigan Vehicle Hacking Law

Yesterday, the Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill – S.B. 0927 [] – that forbids some forms of vehicle hacking, but includes specific protections for cybersecurity researchers. Rapid7 supports these protections. The bill is not law yet – it has only cleared a Committee in the Senate, but it looks poised to keep advancing in the state legislature. Our background and analysis of the bill is below. In summary

5 min Penetration Testing

SNMP Data Harvesting During Penetration Testing

A few months back I posted a blog entry, SNMP Best Practices [/2016/01/27/simple-network-management-protocol-snmp-best-practices], to give guidance on best methods to reduce security risks as they relate to SNMP. Now that everyone has had time to fix all those issues, I figured it's time to give some guidance to penetration testers and consultants on how to exploit exposed SNMP services by harvesting data and using it to expand their attack footprint. The first question when approaching SNMP is

5 min Exploits

Revisiting an Info Leak

Today an interesting tweet [] from Greg Linares [] (who has been posting awesome analysis on twitter lately!) came to our attention, concerning the MS15-080 [] patch: This patch (included in MS15-080) may have been intended stop one of the Window kernel bugs exploited by Hacking Team. But, after our analysis, it appears that there is

2 min Networking

SOC Monkey's Week in Review - 3.23.12

Hello all, Every Friday I'm going to round up the week with a few of my favorite stories that we've seen during the week on my app (SOC Monkey, available now, free in the Apple App Store). Let's dive right in, shall we? One of the biggest items of the week was the latest word from Facebook on employers asking job applicants to reveal their passwords. Ars Technica's article saw a lot of interest: Facebook says it may sue employers who demand job applicants' passwords [