Automate Phishing Investigations and Responses

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Automate Phishing Investigations and Responses

Phishing remains the top attack vector behind most successful breaches. With InsightConnect, you'll move beyond manually investigating every suspect email, attachment, or URL as well as away from hand-deleting malicious emails and blocking phishers. Automate these repetitive, manual tasks so you can focus on more impactful strategies to stop malicious emails from landing in your organization.

Scan attachments and URLs

Use integrations with site-categorization services, sandboxes, threat intelligence providers, and others to investigate, contain, and delete emails and attachments as well as analyze suspicious URLs.

Workflows to identify threat indicators

Leverage automation workflows to analyze URLs and file attachments using multiple intelligence sources. Generate reports detailing each indicator for further analysis.

Designated human decision points

After the routine scans and investigations are complete, configure workflows to trigger a human decision point. Plus, communicate more broadly to the extended IT and security teams as well as end users.

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