InsightConnect: Automated Patching and Remediation

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Ensure vulnerabilities are addressed

InsightConnect integrates with your existing solutions to orchestrate vulnerability management processes from notification to remediation, so you can ensure critical issues are being addressed with every security advisory that comes in—while leaving human decision points where most critical. Automate actions to scan, find patches, verify remediation, and more.

Monitor advisory lists

Coordinating vendor vulnerability response used to be a manual process requiring multiple stakeholders. With InsightConnect, you can build workflows to automatically monitor advisory lists via RSS feed plugins, and set up decisions and action points as needed.

Notify stakeholders

When a vulnerability needs to be addressed, automatically trigger the creation of service tickets via integrations with leading solutions like JIRA and ServiceNow.

Meet compliance drivers

Wrangling all stakeholders and ensuring necessary tasks happen within an SLA timeframe is a time-consuming project in itself. Automation enables you to respond efficiently and within required timeframes, ensuring vulnerabilities don't fall through the cracks.

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