Last updated at Mon, 11 Mar 2024 17:56:35 GMT

As much as the phrase “a crowded theatre” calls to mind images from bygone days, we’re old enough to remember the thrill of a good premiere. The star takes the screen (or stage, if live theatre’s your thing), and a hush falls over the crowd. Forget the makeup and special effects—it’s time to kick back and enjoy the magic of storytelling.

Our InsightIDR demo debut may not be a top-tier example of Hollywood razzle-dazzle, but it more than makes up for this with solid security offerings. InsightIDR is a complete, out-of-the-box SIEM security solution that responds to the increasing complexity in the modern security environment. From built-in expert detections, to cloud-native architecture designed for the modern workforce, InsightIDR represents the latest in the evolution of traditional SIEM tools.

But how exactly does it respond to today’s security pain points? Grab some popcorn and watch as Rapid7’s demo video gives you a glimpse of InsightIDR in action. And be sure to read on to learn more about the challenges facing the modern security professional.

Critical challenge No. 1: Limited threat visibility

As more organizations shift toward multi-cloud environments, this greatly expands the threat surface vulnerable to attackers. It also results in decreased visibility for security teams, who are now responsible for monitoring a variety of environments. Two-thirds of organizations operate in multi-cloud environments—so it’s no surprise two-thirds of security professionals report feeling burned out on the job.

But with InsightIDR, you can get a holistic and comprehensive look at your data, without the hassle of toggling between platforms. The Insight Agent, Insight Collector, and network sensors ingest data from disparate sources across your threat landscape, ranging from user activity to logs and endpoints. InsightIDR then collects, normalizes, attributes, and enriches the data for additional transformation and cloud analysis.

Critical challenge No. 2: Noisy and excessive alerts

As user activity spans more and more endpoints and companies see a corresponding increase in exposure, security professionals find it difficult to keep up with the flood of event data. It can be difficult for security teams to respond to all incidents that come in, and of those they do address, false positives abound, which bog down investigations and take valuable time away from resolving genuine threats.

InsightIDR helps cut through the noise by using machine learning to analyze data in the cloud. Alerts automatically surface with correlated user activity data to provide context. InsightIDR is also built on (and continuously updated by) the expertise of Rapid7’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team, so security teams can be confident they’re seeing true threats based on indicators seen in the wild, along with clear direction to respond quickly and confidently.

See how InsightIDR provides actionable security alerts for real security events across your modern network.

Critical challenge No 3: Prolonged investigation timelines

Building off the previous point, the inability to readily distinguish real threats from extraneous noise results in prolonged investigation timelines. Attacks are measured in minutes, but threat detection and remediation is too often measured in months. And the longer it takes to resolve investigations, the longer hackers have access to your company data. The primary concern is not only data theft, but also the potential for attackers to modify breached networks, including vulnerable or unprotected data. In addition to harming your organization’s security profile, this can lead to costly and time-consuming damages that cannot be undone overnight.

To shorten time to respond, InsightIDR helps by not only allowing you to easily sift through a mountain of data, but also to spot and prioritize threats early in the attack chain. With built-in Network Traffic Analysis, File Integrity Monitoring, Endpoint Detection and Response, and more, you can rest assured knowing every corner of your environment is covered—no more blind spots. And since InsightIDR is cloud-native, automatic updates enable you to correlate data faster, while collectors and APIs compress and deliver data in real-time. This lets you respond nimbly as events occur.