Last updated at Wed, 12 Apr 2023 22:22:05 GMT

A little over a year ago, when DivvyCloud first combined forces with Rapid7, I wrote that we did it because of culture, technology alignment, and the opportunity to drive even greater innovation in cloud security.

Those core values remain true, and so does something else. As more organizations adopt and invest in cloud and container technology, the issues facing cloud security programs continue to put enterprises at significant risk. The need for fully-integrated solutions that enable continuous security and compliance for cloud environments also continues to increase exponentially. Organizations need simple yet comprehensive visibility into their cloud and container environments to help mitigate risk, potential threats, and misconfigurations. With this growing need for automation and security, I’m proud to announce our next step in helping to drive cloud security forward: InsightCloudSec.

InsightCloudSec is our combined solution of all the things our customers love about DivvyCloud, now with cluster-level Kubernetes security capabilities from Alcide, aligned and integrated with Rapid7’s Insight Platform. Our team and customer-driven, innovation-focused roadmap will stay the same. Combining all of our efforts and energy into InsightCloudSec allows us to move forward as a more powerful cloud security solution.

Combining forces to become a leader in cloud security

Rapid7 acquired both DivvyCloud and Alcide in the past 15 months to more effectively solve the complex security challenges that we’ve seen arise from the scale and speed of cloud adoption.

Now more than ever, it’s clear that solving these challenges requires a single solution that brings the core capabilities of cloud security together, including posture management, identity and access management, infrastructure as code analysis, and Kubernetes protection. Furthermore, we want to bring all of this cloud security functionality together on a platform that also features additional security capabilities, from vulnerability management to detection and response, in order to provide the full context necessary to accurately assess risk within the cloud environment.

By bringing all of these features together, our goal is to help our customers achieve 3 ultimate goals:

  • Shift Left—We want to help customers prevent problems before they happen by providing a single, consistent set of security checks throughout the CI/CD pipeline to uncover misconfigurations and policy violations without delaying deployment.
  • Reduce Noise—We want to simplify and speed up risk assessment by combining unified visibility and shared terminology with rich contextual insights gathered from across each layer of your cloud environment.
  • Automate Workflows—Finally, we want to help security teams enable developers to take full advantage of the speed and scale of the cloud safely with precise automation that speeds up remediation, reduces busywork, and allows the security team to focus on the bigger picture.

Behind this announcement, our team is as energized and dedicated as ever to our goal of delivering innovative capabilities and the industry-leading support that has helped our customers develop some of the most mature cloud security programs in the world over the last eight years.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we have in store, join us for an upcoming webinar on July 27 at 11:00 a.m. EDT.

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