InsightVM customers see 342% ROI

Learn more in Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ Of Rapid7 InsightVM, a November 2019 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Rapid7, and calculate your potential savings below.

Through customer interviews, data collection, and subsequent financial analysis, Forrester's study concludes that Rapid7 InsightVM can provide customers a 342% return on investment over three years, along with a significant decrease in cybersecurity incidents and spend.

Top Five Customer Benefits

342% ROI over three years
Customers experienced an average return of 342% when calculating the overall benefits of InsightVM.
22% reduction in false positive alerts
Fewer false alerts and more accurate data helped customers save time.
33% reduction in investigation efforts
Better reporting and actionable insights helped customers make visible progress.
60% reduction in patching efforts
Patching automation and improved workflows helped customers streamline the remediation process.
$2.3M savings over three years
Up-front risk reduction helped customers avoid potential incidents and associated costs.
Customers saw benefit payback in just six months. Read the study to learn how.

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*Calculations assume a 3-year return period and are based on average customer size and structure. Forrester has not verified this tool or its results.
The value has been exceptional. We've grown substantially in the past years without growing cost at the same time. We've been able to continue mitigating risks as they have come quickly."
Deputy CISO, Higher Education Institution

Knowing your risk is just the beginning…

Prioritize work, align teams, and see progress with InsightVM

Gain Clarity Into Risk
InsightVM not only provides visibility into the vulnerabilities in your modern IT environment, but also clarity into the shared work and objectives that can make cross-functional teams more effective.
Extend Security’s Influence
InsightVM is not a silver bullet. Instead, it is a foundation for security leaders to expand their influence and eliminate silos by having a common language and shared objectives.
See Shared Progress
InsightVM is not another reactive security tool. It’s designed to support proactive, cross-functional programs by creating a sense of accountability and impact across teams as the organization tracks and celebrates Security’s progress.
The other problem with the competitor was the remediation instructions not being specific. While InsightVM told us the specific actions to remediate, the competitor would describe to us broadly and ask us to read articles for vulnerabilities."
Director of InfoSec
Healthcare Provider

The Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study for InsightVM

Learn how Rapid7 customers saw a 342% return on investment with InsightVM.