InsightVM Certified Administrator

Course Description

Looking to develop a vulnerability management program that’s as live as your network? Geared toward security professionals who have little to no InsightVM experience, this two-day interactive class, led by a Rapid7 Security Consultant, will walk you through some basic to intermediate product features, best security practices, and techniques for scanning various devices within a typical network environment.

For flexible and accessible learning, this course is offered both virtually and on-site at your facility. The virtual class is hosted remotely on a Rapid7 lab and features simulated exercises against multiple scenario-driven target environments. Customers who participate in on-site trainings will apply their learned skills in hands-on scenarios in their own environment.

All participants will have access to the InsightVM Certified Administrator Exam as part of their training program; go from being the student to the master and leverage the knowledge gained from class to become certified.

What You'll Learn

Introduction to InsightVM

  • InsightVM Architecture


  • Requirements and best practices
  • Installing a scan engine and an agent


  • Setting up comprehensive sites
  • Understanding the scan process
  • Organizing your assets in Real Context
  • Reporting in a variety of formats
  • Adjusting Real Risk strategies


  • Managing scan credentials
  • Creating custom scan and report templates


  • Projects for full remediation
  • Queries for detailed deep dive analysis
  • Dashboards for Insight integration

Day 1

Your first day will start with a refresher in the basic concepts and workflow of a standard vulnerability management program. During this session, you will complete a practical walkthrough of the InsightVM graphical user interface then progress to real scanning activities.

  • Introduction to InsightVM
  • Activating InsightVM
  • InsightVM Architecture
  • Navigating the User Interface
  • Scan Processes and Templates
  • Dashboards, Projects & Queries
  • Groups and RealContext
  • Automated Actions
  • Create/Manage Users

Day 2

After mastering your vulnerability management basics, Day 2 will consist of lab and lecture, then conclude with outlying questions that may be specific to your particular environment.

  • Planning Your Deployment
  • Creating and Pairing Scan Engines
  • Installing an Agent
  • Credentials and Scanning
  • Exception Workflow
  • Risk Strategies
  • Troubleshooting
  • Reporting
  • Practice Exam


Ideally, attendees should have the following:

  • Experience with Windows® and Linux Operating Systems
  • Basic knowledge of network protocols
  • Basic knowledge of cloud infrastructure
  • Basic knowledge of IPv4 address spacing
  • Knowledge of vulnerability management systems


Open-enrollment class - $2,000 per student

On-site class - $7,000 per course plus travel & expenses, up to 5 attendees

Applicable CPEs: 16

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