Rapid7 InsightIDR delivers 4.5x ROI

Explore The Total Economic Impact™ of InsightIDR, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Rapid7, and calculate your potential savings below.

Through customer interviews, data collection, and financial analysis, Forrester's TEI™ concludes that Rapid7 InsightIDR can provide customers 4.5x return on investment over three years, along with a significant decrease in incident response time and management.

Top Four Customer Benefits

4.5x ROI over three years
InsightIDR delivered value sooner, through faster implementation times and intuitive delivery of information. A single agent working across all network devices makes for faster installation and baselining. The simplicity of the interface, presentation of information, and visibility also decreased the amount of training SecOps needed before running at a steady state.
27% reduction in false positive alerts
Holistic and actionable visibility enabled SecOps to act quickly with high confidence. With a deep heritage in User Behavior Analytics, alongside curated alerts from our SOC experts, InsightIDR customers receive information and correlation in a single solution, leading to a drastic drop in mean-time-to-know and remediation of security incidents.
38% reduction in incident management efforts
The advanced behavioral analytics and overall presentation of security incidents in InsightIDR vastly improves organizations’ ability to contain and mitigate security issues. With greater visibility and contextual information, security teams are able to pass remedial instructions to an IT responder or execute directly and avoid becoming a bottleneck at the investigation step.
23% savings over three years by avoiding hardware and software refreshes
The cloud hosting and SaaS delivery of InsightIDR helped organizations avoid purchasing and refreshing hardware and software associated with a legacy SIEM. The out-of-the-box deception technology, network traffic analysis, file integrity monitoring, and more included in InsightIDR can supplement or replace other existing hardware, leading to additional savings and efficiency.
Customers saw benefit payback in just three months. Read the study to learn how.

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*Calculations assume a 3-year return period and are based on average customer size and structure. Forrester has not verified this tool or its results.
InsightIDR has taken the detection time from what could have been hours or days down to seconds.
Daniel Goldenberg, Barton Associates
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We’re a small team so anytime a tool can offload tasks from my analysts’ plate is a good thing. I can now have my analysts focus on priority issues now — 15 to 20 very high confidence alerts a day, instead of 300.
Security Architect
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