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2 min Detection and Response

Cybersecurity Analysts: Job Stress Is Bad, but Boredom Is Kryptonite

Repetitive tasks are a big part of a cybersecurity analyst’s day. But combining monotony with the need for attentiveness can be kryptonite.

3 min Detection and Response

Are You in the 2.5% Who Meet This Cybersecurity Job Requirement?

Multitasking has become a cybersecurity job requirement, but with the right technology, there could be a better way.

1 min Detection and Response

Unsung Security Superheroes: You’re Now Sung

Learn about the adventures of our CISO hero Adira Adama in Rapid7's first comic, XDR vs. Exploito.

3 min Detection and Response

SIEM and XDR: What’s Converging, What’s Not

XDR aims to solve the challenges of the SIEM tool for effective detection and response to targeted attacks.

1 min Detection and Response

This CISO Isn’t Real, But His Problems Sure Are

The odds are stacked against this poor guy (and you) now – but a unified Extended Detection and Response (XDR) and SIEM restacks them in your favor.

3 min Detection and Response

The Great Resignation: 4 Ways Cybersecurity Can Win

Cybersecurity has had a talent shortage for years. Here are four ideas about how to prepare for it and win.

4 min Hacky Holidays 2021

Sharing the Gifts of Cybersecurity – Or, a Lesson From My First Year Without Santa

You know who some of the best Santas on Earth are? The cybersecurity community.

3 min Detection and Response

The End of the Cybersecurity Skills Crisis (Maybe?)

The cybersecurity skills crisis is stuck in its fifth straight year of zero-progress. XDR may be able to change that.