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1 min Lost Bots

[Lost Bots] S03 E04 A Security Leader’s Playbook for the C-suite

In a special two-part “Lost Bots,” hosts Jeffrey Gardner and Stephen Davis talk about presenting cybersecurity results up the org chart.

1 min Lost Bots

[The Lost Bots] S03E03. The Rise of The Machines

In this episode of The Lost Bots, Rapid7's Jeffrey Gardner and Stephen Davis discuss the state of AI today and where its going.

1 min Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

[The Lost Bots] S03E02: Finding unknowns, even spy balloons

Rapid7 Detection and Response Practice Advisor Jeffery Gardner and co-host Stephen Davis, Lead Technical Customer Advisor for MDR, discuss spy balloons and cybersecurity.

1 min Detection and Response

[The Lost Bots] S03E01: Tech Stack Consolidation and Bacon

Jeffrey Gardner, D&R Practice Advisor and Stephen Davis, Lead D&R Sales Technical Advisor, discuss consolidation benefits and potential "gotchas".

2 min Detection and Response

XDR, the Beatles, and Blunt Instruments

The average security team is now managing 76 tools. If you are in that boat and looking to consolidate, our new XDR Buyers Guide can help.

2 min XDR

2023 Extended Detection & Response (XDR) Buyer's Guide

It may be a while before we know exactly what happened with NOTAM. But, if you rely on outdated technology, it's clear that the time to act is now.

2 min XDR

Ditch The Duct Tape: Reduce Security Sprawl With XDR

According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, enterprises now manage an average of 76 security tools. XDR is one way security teams are dealing with the sprawl.

2 min Security Operations (SOC)

Cybersecurity Analysts: Job Stress Is Bad, but Boredom Is Kryptonite

Repetitive tasks are a big part of a cybersecurity analyst’s day. But combining monotony with the need for attentiveness can be kryptonite.

3 min InsightIDR

Are You in the 2.5% Who Meet This Cybersecurity Job Requirement?

Multitasking has become a cybersecurity job requirement, but with the right technology, there could be a better way.

1 min XDR

Rapid7’s first comic: XDR vs. Exploito

Learn about the adventures of our CISO hero Adira Adama in Rapid7's first comic, XDR vs. Exploito.

3 min Detection and Response

SIEM and XDR: What’s Converging, What’s Not

XDR aims to solve the challenges of the SIEM tool for effective detection and response to targeted attacks.

1 min InsightIDR

This CISO Isn’t Real, But His Problems Sure Are

The odds are stacked against this poor guy (and you) now – but a unified Extended Detection and Response (XDR) and SIEM restacks them in your favor.

3 min InsightIDR

The Great Resignation: 4 Ways Cybersecurity Can Win

Cybersecurity has had a talent shortage for years. Here are four ideas about how to prepare for it and win.

4 min Hacky Holidays 2021

Sharing the Gifts of Cybersecurity – Or, a Lesson From My First Year Without Santa

You know who some of the best Santas on Earth are? The cybersecurity community.

3 min InsightIDR

Is it the End of the Cybersecurity Skills Gap Crisis Yet?

The cybersecurity skills crisis is stuck in its fifth straight year of zero-progress. XDR may be able to change that.