Last updated at Fri, 11 Aug 2023 14:07:59 GMT

It’s 2023, and according to Gartner, ESG, and everybody else, the vendor consolidation trend continues. Throwing tools at the problem isn’t working well, and creates problems of its own.

So, this season of “Lost Bots” starts with Jeffrey Gardner, Detection and Response Practice Advisor and Stephen Davis, Lead D&R Sales Technical Advisor, talking the many upsides of consolidation—deals, integration, one throat to choke—and what they call the “gotchas” too.

At the 4:00 mark, there’s a good discussion of consolidation of layers vs. function. Pay attention: some consolidation decisions can actually increase your risk.  And because these guys are more than valuable fonts of free tips, the episode is packed with air quotes, bacon, and other surprises.