Last updated at Mon, 17 Jul 2023 18:56:35 GMT

In a special two-part “Lost Bots,” hosts Jeffrey Gardner and Stephen Davis talk about presenting cybersecurity results up the org chart. Both have handled C-suite and board communications and have lots of lessons learned.

Part 1 is about the style of a presentation: the point, the delivery, the storytelling. Gardner believes anyone can be great because he’s “an extreme introvert” himself. He shares a ton of wisdom about how to structure your presentation and really own the room with confidence. About halfway through, the ideas start coming fast and furious.

Part 2 brings it together with a deep dive into metrics (and an extraordinary bowtie on Mr. Davis, seriously). Metrics aren’t your story, but they do prove it true. The episode with one thing you must take away and remember: you’re not there to sell more security, you’re there to help stakeholders make well-informed business decisions. When that purpose is clear, some things get simpler.