Last updated at Thu, 06 Apr 2023 14:17:26 GMT

When a balloon crossed through Canada and the United States, everyone lost their minds. The news was all-balloon, all-the-time. And the big, obvious, serious questions flew too: “why didn't we see the balloon sooner? Have there been other balloons?”

That sounded pretty familiar to Rapid7 Detection and Response Practice Advisor Jeffrey Gardner. When the U.S. Military responded to the visibility problem in the airspace, it discussed “adjusting filters.” And that sounded familiar too. Because that’s what security practitioners are expected to do every day: find things they don’t even know exist.

While this Lost Bots episode is packed with practical guidance (you’ll likely watch parts of it more than once) it’s delivered by the “Team America” avatars of Gardner and co-host Stephen Davis, Lead Technical Customer Advisor for MDR.

Anyone in cybersecurity is in it for the humans, but we can still be fun.