Forrester Tech Tide: Zero Trust Threat Detection and Response, Q1 2019

When searching for a threat detection and response solution today, it can feel like there’s an offering for each segment of your network—get this for your endpoints, get that for log management, layer this module for better analytics, and use these to secure your cloud services and infrastructure.

To help make sense of this ever-changing landscape, Forrester analysts Josh Zelonis and Joseph Blankenship co-authored a new report, “The Forrester Tech Tide™: Zero Trust Threat Detection and Response, Q1 2019.” They offer information to help security professionals shape their investment approach to these technologies, including:

  • Choosing solutions to improve speed of detection
  • Integrating solutions for business value
  • Automating discovery, containment, and response

To learn how Rapid7 InsightIDR maps to this report, check out our blog post, visit our product page, or start your free trial today.

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About Rapid7 InsightIDR

Our detection-focused SIEM, InsightIDR, is exclusively delivered as SaaS, part of our Insight platform. Cloud first, and cloud only. Why? Major time savings, both across deployment and your everyday monitoring.

Besides being the fastest-to-deploy SIEM on the market, more importantly, we understand how attackers operate, and how to expose risk and compromise from within your data. InsightIDR unifies your data with simple, resilient data collection, detects common and targeted attacks, and gives your team the context and power to take action.

Because we’re focused on effective detection and response, InsightIDR extends far beyond traditional SIEM; an EDR agent, deception technology, and multiple threat intel feeds come included to find exactly what other tools miss. Rapid7 is the only SIEM vendor that also offers a 24/7 Managed Detection and Response service powered by global in-house SOCs. Our analysts regularly add new, tuned detections to benefit the InsightIDR community.

Learn more about InsightIDR and see what it can do for your organization with our free trial.