Defend Your Digital Media With Strong Cloud Security

Stream captivating content direct-to-consumer with less risk

Today’s cloud-powered world has completely changed the game of content creation.

With any technological innovation, new security considerations come into play. Digital media and entertainment (M&E) companies must deliver top-notch content, all while protecting IP and sensitive data.

Welcome to our M&E hub, where you can gain insights on taking advantage of the cloud without sacrificing safety.

Defend your damsels from distress

When illegal pirating or pre-launch leaks happen, companies lose not only revenue but also consumer trust. Why bother streaming via Netflix if you can find the same show for free?

That’s why media and entertainment companies must safeguard their damsels in distress — er, IP — against malicious actors.

Here’s what you need to know to protect your IP in the cloud.

Unveil direct-to-consumer content with less risk

The cloud has allowed for seamless experiences, but new speed and convenience comes with new risks. Protect your company and your customers’ personal and financial data with better cloud security.

Want a quick 101? Read our guide on cloud security for digital media and entertainment companies.

Get ahead of the bad guys

When it comes to your cloud, less drama is better. With the power of cloud workload protection (CWP), it’s much easier for digital media and entertainment companies to stay one step ahead of threats.

Read our blog post to learn more about how CWP can keep you releasing new titles without landing in the headlines (at least in the bad way).

Five cloud security archetypes

Archetypes aren’t just for the movies; they’re for cloud security, too.

Check out our practical guide to the five main cloud security archetypes, as identified by Gartner, and the benefits of each.

Press “play” on automation

According to our Trust in the Cloud Report, 86% of respondents trust automation in cloud security as much as they trust humans, but only 47% have actually implemented it.

It’s time to close that gap. We’re here to help you shake off the stage fright and pull the curtains back on security automation.

Discover how Discovery, Inc. secures content in the cloud

Discovery, Inc. had reached a turning point in business operations. With a blossoming streaming service, they needed to amplify delivered content and expedite the development of new content while ensuring that processes were safe, secure, and reliable. That’s where we came in to help.

Our InsightCloudSec solution supported Discovery’s full-throttle shift to becoming a cloud-first company. Check out the case study to learn more.

Welcome to the streaming age

Direct-to-consumer and just-in-time supply chains are no longer luxuries — they’re necessities.

Our eBook on protecting IP in the age of streaming breaks down the special considerations that M&E companies must make in order to share and secure their amazing digital content.

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