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  • Unlimited users and automated workflows to reduce risk in the cloud 
  • Unlimited vulnerability management to uncover risks early 
  • Unlimited dynamic application security testing to assess apps 

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Protect your king 

If content is king, protecting your content and the sensitive data passing through your cloud environment is key to your company’s success. Rapid7 supports digital media and entertainment companies with complete cloud security offerings that uncover risks earlier, resolve risks through automated workflows, and monitor your cloud apps. Give your company the gift of continuous cloud security and create innovative content faster, without risk. 

Level up in digital media with strong cloud security


Your company works hard to create digital content to wow your customers. Protecting that content against the threat of pirating, fraud, breaches, and leaks is crucial to preserving the integrity of your content and safeguarding your revenue.


Direct-to-consumer content is a key part of your company’s strategy. Ensuring that your cloud supply chain is secure, monitoring your applications, and resolving threats early  creates a fast and reliable streaming experience for your customers.


In digital content creation, security and innovation go hand in hand. Creating security checkpoints early on in your development process and across your cloud environment gives you the confidence to produce content faster, with less risk.

Single solution. Unmatched value. Complete coverage.

Cloud Risk Complete delivers world-class cloud security along with unlimited vulnerability management and dynamic application security testing, all with a single subscription. Secure your cloud environment from development to production, and perform dynamic application security testing to remediate application risk.

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