The 2021 Vulnerability Intelligence Report

Rapid7’s researchers examine vulnerability and attack trends, offering context and guidance for your team.

50 high-impact vulnerabilities, 33 net-new widespread threats, and one volatile year.

2021 was a doozy. The year started with the remnants of the Solarwinds supply chain breach and culminated with the unprecedented Log4Shell cybersecurity incident. In between, there were many high-priority security threats that made 2021 a difficult year for vulnerability risk management teams around the globe.

In our annual vulnerability intelligence report, Rapid7 researchers look at 50 vulnerabilities and high-impact attacks that shaped the vulnerability landscape in 2021. Our team also analyzes ongoing exploitation trends to help organizations take an informed approach to threat prioritization.

The 2021 Vulnerability Intelligence Report

In Rapid7’s annual vulnerability intelligence report, our research teams take a look at significant vulnerabilities, exploits, and attacks from 2021. We dive deep into what made them so impactful, and offer guidance on how businesses can shore up their defenses in 2022 and beyond.

The Boardroom Takeaways in Layperson’s Terms

These are the key components of the 2021 cybersecurity story as told for the C-Suite and the boardroom — free of technical specs and industry jargon. We provide just the facts and some much needed context to help decision-makers understand what happened in 2021 and take the right precautions in 2022.

From Our Experts to Yours: Guidance for Your Security Teams

This document seeks to answer the question: what do I do next? We offer guidance to help security teams protect themselves not only from 2021’s worst vulnerabilities, but from ransomware, supply chain risk, and other nasty attacks we expect to see in the coming year.

Infographic: The Difference A Year Makes

2021 was an extremely difficult year for security teams. There were significant increases in many critical metrics, and organizations everywhere faced one of the most impactful security events in recent years. View this snapshot of the difference between 2020 and 2021 to understand just how much changed in a year.

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