Extend Your Team with Elite SOC Partnership

With a global services organization headquartered in Washington, DC, Rapid7 recruits and retains top talent from some of the most elite intelligence agencies and cyber hubs in the world. Our SOC is staffed with highly skilled, specialized security veterans ready to collaborate with and defend their customers. You want them on your side.

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What is Rapid7 MDR?

End-to-end detection and response and round the clock eyes on your environment from an expert team. Rapid7 MDR alerts to attacker behavior early, analysts separate the real alerts from the false positives, and a detailed forensic analysis digs into the root cause of an alert. Attackers never stop, with Rapid7 MDR, neither do you.

"Having a 24x7x365 SOC team monitoring our environment has helped us improve our visibility into assets and improve our time to detect and respond. Our team now has time to implement solutions to tighten the security gaps that show up as high risks.”
- CIO, Enterprise Financial Services Customer

Advice and insight from the front lines

Customer Advisors liaise with different teams throughout Rapid7 on behalf of customers to give presentations to customer stakeholders that educate on the inner-workings of the Rapid7 SOC as well as deliver insights gleaned from working with other security organizations. A Customer Advisor’s goal is to help mature your security program by acting as a wealth of knowledge for the aspects of detection and response most important to you.

Meet the practitioners

Simply put, analysts at Rapid7 can be themselves – it’s an inclusive environment that brings together multifaceted perspectives. Not only is that good for society, but also for problem-solving on behalf of MDR customers. From having a front-row seat to the latest exploits and zero days to communicating remediation actions to customers, hear a firsthand account of life inside the SOC.

An innovative SOCulture

Hear why a positive working culture helps to not only keep an MDR SOC profession engaging, but can speed detection-set innovations, foster seamless follow-the-sun handoffs that keep you protected 24x7, and help ensure analysts you work with now will still be here in a year.

Single solution. Unmatched value.
Complete coverage.

Managed Threat Complete delivers world-class managed detection and response and unlimited vulnerability management – all with a single subscription. Attackers don’t stop at the endpoint, and neither can your MDR. Rapid7's elite global SOC experts cover your entire attack surface - pinpointing threats early in the kill chain, and driving thorough response to eliminate threats - full stop. With complete risk and threat coverage built for the cloud, your organization can be confident that, with Rapid7, you’re always ready for whatever comes next.