Incident Detection and Response Services

Get help improving your detection capabilities and incident response program—or let us take care of the whole thing for you.

As a security professional, you’re charged with making attackers’ lives as miserable as possible. While continuously reducing your attack surface is a surefire way to get them shaking their fists, preventative measures are only intended to slow attackers down—if they want it badly enough, they’ll find a way into your network. To really bring the pain, organizations need to complement their preventative efforts with incident detection and response capability that can find attackers once they’re in, give them a swift, hard boot, and make sure they can’t make their way back.

Sadistic? Sure. Fun? A little. Easy? No way. We understand the challenges security teams face managing both sides of the breach. And we're here to help. Rapid7's detection and response services will help you keep a keen eye on your network's activity and ensure you have the right plan in place to respond when someone gets in.

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Incident Response Program Development

Develop an incident response plan focused on threat detection and response.

Managed Detection and Response Services

Enlist an army of cyber guardians to monitor and hunt attackers in your environment.

Incident Response Services

Accelerate your incident investigation and containment.

Be alerted to suspicious activity as soon as it happens.