DivvyCloud by Rapid7 Announces New Infrastructure as Code Security Capability

Feature empowers enterprises to take a preventive approach to cloud security by shifting left

Boston, MA — May 13, 2020

DivvyCloud by Rapid7, the leading cloud security platform, today released a new core capability, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security. This capability integrates cloud security into the DevOps process–improving developer productivity and preventing cloud security issues during the build process. DivvyCloud now delivers seamless, full-lifecycle cloud security to customers, ensuring that they can accelerate innovation using cloud services without the loss of control.

This addition bolsters DivvyCloud’s position as a cloud security posture management product and amplifies its existing capabilities, which include unified visibility and monitoring, automation and real-time remediation, threat protection, and identity and access management (IAM) governance.

IaC Security empowers security teams to apply DivvyCloud’s security and compliance policies during the CI/CD pipeline, allowing the evaluation of cloud security and compliance risk of Infrastructure as Code templates before they are built. By shifting cloud security left, security professionals can prevent misconfigurations and policy violations from occurring and deliver better experiences to developers. The result: improved cloud security and improved developer productivity. Key features of this capability include:

  • Consistent, unified policy enforcement across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Holistic protection by combining the risk of the analyzed IaC template with the known risk of the cloud environments it will connect to if built.
  • Integration with any CI/CD pipeline tools, including Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis CI, Azure Pipelines, etc.
  • Extension of existing DivvyCloud policies and scope these by application.
  • Options to warn or fail a build by policy based on violation criticality.

“As cloud adoption has grown and changed, so has the role of the security professional, particularly their interactions with their DevOps counterparts,” said Brian Johnson, co-founder and senior vice president, DivvyCloud by Rapid7. “Enterprises need security throughout the development lifecycle, not just at runtime. With IaC Security, security teams can arm developers with IaC templates that will guide the development of secure applications from the very start.”

“What’s even more remarkable is that It eliminates the perceived friction that ensues when security teams catch problems at runtime,” continued Johnson. With this preventive approach to security, developers can get the guidance they need to remain secure and compliant at the right time and in the right place.”

“I see tremendous value in this feature going forward as Terraform is widely adopted throughout our organization,” said a cloud security employee at a top 10 media company. “The ability to detect a security issue before the vulnerability is introduced into a live environment will be a game changer for us once integrated into our CI/CD processes.”

IaC Security is available to all existing and future DivvyCloud customers at no additional cost.

To learn more about how DivvyCloud’s IaC Security capabilities help enterprises shift security left to prevent the introduction of vulnerabilities into cloud infrastructure, register for the May 20 webinar.

About DivvyCloud by Rapid7

DivvyCloud by Rapid7 protects cloud and container environments from misconfigurations, policy violations, threats, and IAM challenges. With automated prevention and real-time remediation of risk, DivvyCloud customers achieve continuous security and compliance, and gain the freedom to innovate using cloud and containers without the loss of control. Freedom is good. Chaos is bad. To learn more: www.divvycloud.com.