Rapid7 Acquires Mobilisafe

Enables Secure BYOD, Expanding Security Risk Management Portfolio to Cover Mobile Devices Line Up

Boston, MA — October 9, 2012

Rapid7, a leading provider of security risk management solutions, today announced that it has acquired Mobilisafe - a Seattle-based Mobile Risk Management (MRM) provider - and entered a new market with its solution for managing the risk associated with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Mobilisafe's cloud-based risk management solution perfectly complements Rapid7's existing security assessment and management solutions, Nexpose and Metasploit. These solutions enable organizations to gain visibility into the threats they face, manage and prioritize risk, and take targeted action to improve their security. The addition of Mobilisafe enables Rapid7 customers to realize the same benefits across their mobile assets, addressing the challenge many organizations face with employees bringing their own devices into the workplace.

"The trend of BYOD highlights one of the greatest challenges organizations face in security, which is identifying all the devices being used to access corporate data, and understanding the associated threats so they can be mitigated," said Mike Tuchen, CEO of Rapid7. "With the acquisition of Mobilisafe, Rapid7 addresses this challenge, providing visibility of mobile devices and enabling organizations to manage their risk and take mitigating action. This builds on our existing expertise in managing IT risk across on-premise, cloud and virtual assets."

Mobile security has become an increasingly urgent focus for organizations, with the BYOD trend creating new and unknown risks. According to global research and advisory firm Forrester: "59% of firms now officially support personally owned smartphones to some extent,"1 while a study conducted by Mobilisafe revealed that 71% of mobile devices contained high severity vulnerabilities.2 Given this landscape, it is critical that organizations have a means to gain visibility into the mobile assets being brought into their environments, as well as the ability to take the necessary action to manage their risk. In fact, more than half of all IT security practitioners surveyed rated mobile security "8" or higher on a 10-point scale of importance relative to other security priorities.3

"We created Mobilisafe in response to the security challenges organizations face with BYOD," said Giri Sreenivas, CEO and co-founder of Mobilisafe. "Rapid7 is already helping organizations address security risks with a simple approach that enables defenders to identify relevant threats and prioritize remediation and mitigation efforts. This approach is totally in-line with our own view. We’re impressed with the market position and customer focus the company has built. It’s exciting to combine forces to help customers simplify their security needs, regardless of device."

Rapid7 announced its intention to expand its offerings through acquisition as well as internal development when it received $50 million in funding. Mobilisafe, founded in 2010, was an obvious choice, complementing both Rapid7’s software offerings and its business culture. Both companies focus on solving complex security issues with solutions that are simple to use and easy to try. With over 30 years of combined mobility experience, the Mobilisafe team brings deep knowledge of mobile security challenges with the same commitment to user experience.

Capabilities of Mobilisafe

Mobilisafe helps defenders manage the risk associated with mobile devices in three main ways:

  • Visibility - Discover who your users are and what devices they are bringing into the organization and using to access company data. Mobilisafe provides immediate visibility to specific device attributes including name, model, manufacturer, operating system type and version, along with each device’s connection history.
  • Management - Monitor, assess and automatically identify the vulnerability risk of each device. Real-time vulnerability mapping identifies devices susceptible to emerging risks. Mobilisafe issues a TrustScore for every device your employees use so you can easily determine how trustworthy a device is for your company data.
  • Action - Define and deploy policies that easily mitigate mobile risk, e.g. block devices with a low TrustScore from accessing the network or wipe all data from lost devices. Deliver an easy mechanism for employees to automatically update their devices to the latest available firmware to mitigate risk. Automate communication to mobile users and related policies based on device attributes, vulnerability severity level and employee profile.

Pricing and Availability

The Mobilisafe mobile risk management solution is available from Rapid7 immediately. Pricing is on a per user basis, and there are no complicated tiers or hidden costs. From now through December 31, 2012, the introductory pricing is $24 per user per year (annual contract) or $3 per user per month (pay as you go).

1 Forrester, "Market Overview: On-Premises Mobile Device Management Solutions," February 2012
2 Mobilisafe study of small and mid-sized businesses, April 2012
3 Rapid7 survey of security professionals, September 2012

About Rapid7

Rapid7 security analytics software and services reduce threat exposure and detect compromise for 3,000 organizations across 78 countries, including over 250 of the Fortune 1000. We understand the attacker better than anyone and build that insight into our solutions to improve risk management and stop threats faster. We offer advanced capabilities for vulnerability management, penetration testing, controls assessment, incident detection and investigation across your assets and users for virtual, mobile, private and public cloud networks. To learn more about Rapid7 or get involved in our threat research, visit www.rapid7.com.

About Mobilisafe

Mobilisafe was founded in 2010 by Giri Sreenivas and Dirk Sigurdson based on the conviction that trust is the foundation for embracing devices in light of an increasingly complex and insecure mobile landscape. Mobilisafe is the authority on device trustworthiness. Team members are alumni of companies such as T-Mobile, Lockheed Martin, Wave Systems, Microsoft and HP, and the company is headquartered in the vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle.

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