Rapid7 Announces InsightOps, Pioneering Combination of Endpoint Visibility and Log Analytics for Streamlined IT Operational Control

Now entering beta, InsightOps combines live and historical machine data to provide IT professionals with the continuous operational visibility needed to make decisions fast and improve business outcomes

Boston, MA — November 29, 2016

Rapid7, Inc. (NASDAQ: RPD), a leading provider of data analytics solutions for IT and security professionals, today announced InsightOps, a new IT operations solution designed to centralize machine data across organizations’ infrastructure. Recognized for helping to establish user behavior analytics (UBA), Rapid7 is now pioneering a solution for another critical business challenge: providing IT teams with comprehensive operational awareness by pairing endpoint visibility and log analytics. With InsightOps, IT professionals will have the ability to easily search and ask questions of their data to gain insight regarding core issues, faster.

InsightOps is purpose-built to provide IT teams with meaningful awareness of their entire IT environment in order to improve uptime and business productivity. By combining endpoint visibility with log analytics, IT professionals will no longer be forced to sift through disparate solutions and manually connect endpoint and infrastructure data. InsightOps is designed to ensure that IT professionals have the answers they need at their fingertips when an issue arises so they can act quickly to maintain business continuity.

InsightOps represents the evolution of Logentries — a leading log management and analytics solution, used for infrastructure and application monitoring, log centralization, and maintaining compliance — acquired by Rapid7 in October 2015. Recognizing that log management is only one piece of what IT professionals need on a daily basis, InsightOps will provide IT professionals greater operational visibility across the network and all the way to the endpoint. With the ability to narrow issues down to specific endpoints and drill into log data for deeper root cause analysis, InsightOps enables IT professionals to solve problems faster while eliminating the need for various single-solution tools.

“Traditional IT operations solutions are limited in terms of their ability to provide comprehensive understanding of the entire IT environment, all the way to the endpoint. Today, IT teams are forced to use several separate tools that provide only partial network visibility and fail to empower them to act quickly,” said Lee Weiner, chief product officer at Rapid7. “InsightOps streamlines IT investigations by combining endpoint visibility with log analytics, shortening the initial discovery phase and time to resolution. We believe the key to meaningfully enabling IT teams is to harness the data in their IT environments so they spend less time searching and more time solving problems, maintaining uptime, and increasing productivity.”

Live endpoint visibility, interrogation, and asset management
InsightOps gives IT professionals visibility across endpoints on the network with up-to-the-minute accuracy. This includes basic information like an endpoint’s status, location, and resource utilization, along with deeper visibility into what's happening on the endpoint in the moment. InsightOps Endpoint Interrogator allows users to ask questions of their endpoints and receive live answers. For example, users can list all applications running on their endpoints, identify which employee is generating a suspicious amount of network traffic, or list all of the users logged into a particular workstation.

IT operations analytics and infrastructure monitoring
By bringing together endpoint visibility and log analytics, Rapid7 is helping to identify the true, root cause of issues fast, meaning that IT teams can act more quickly, with confidence. InsightOps Data Normalization automatically restructures data into a consistent format (JSON) for easy analysis, helping to reduce IT professionals’ struggle to manage unstructured data. Users will have the ability to identify endpoints that have issues, then switch to log view for an in-depth record of events. Alternatively, users can start by searching logs for known issues, then switch to identify related endpoints.

Log centralization, analysis, and compliance
InsightOps will centralize logs from across the infrastructure for troubleshooting, monitoring, visualizing, alerting, and maintaining compliance requirements, while also tracking system metrics like CPU, memory, and more. The solution is designed to simplify the process of reviewing log data and to streamline notifications of suspicious or anomalous activity.

With InsightOps Visual Search, users will automatically see top trends appearing in their organizations’ log data, helping them identify where to start an investigation when an issue arises. Users will also have the ability to drill into datasets to identify trends and anomalies related to any issue.

Attendees of Amazon re:Invent 2016 can see a live demo at Rapid7’s booth #517.

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