Rapid7 Expands Relationship with AWS To Include InsightIDR Support for AWS AppFabric

Rapid7’s support of AWS AppFabric continues its commitment to extending monitoring, detection, and response for the cloud

Boston, MA — June 27, 2023

Rapid7, Inc. (NASDAQ: RPD), a leader in cloud risk and threat detection, today announced that InsightIDR integrates with AWS AppFabric, announced today by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Rapid7’s ability to support AWS AppFabric at launch expands their relationship with AWS and affirms the company’s commitment to extending customers’ monitoring, detection, and response capabilities for the cloud.

As organizations continue to use an increasing number of software as a service (SaaS) applications in their network infrastructure, security professionals must secure these apps with limited visibility into their usage data. This lack of visibility, primarily due to disparate methods of generating and storing data as well as inconsistent data formats, creates blind spots in security teams’ monitoring capabilities and limits their ability to detect malicious behavior.

AWS AppFabric quickly connects SaaS applications across an organization so IT and security teams can easily manage and secure applications using a standard schema, and employees can complete everyday tasks faster using generative artificial intelligence (AI). Rapid7’s support of AWS AppFabric makes it easier than ever for security teams to centralize security data from their SaaS applications in InsightIDR, alongside data pulled in from the rest of their organization’s IT footprint. This allows Rapid7 InsightIDR and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) customers to benefit from faster detection of malicious activity and faster remediations once incidents are detected.

“Adoption of SaaS applications is an ongoing process that comes with its own set of security challenges, but lack of visibility shouldn’t be one of them,” said Jeremiah Dewey, senior vice president, managed services and detection & response technology, Rapid7. “InsightIDR’s immediate support of AWS AppFabric gives Rapid7 customers a clear picture of the activity among their new and existing SaaS apps.”

AWS AppFabric leverages the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) to normalize the data it ingests. Dewey stated, “Rapid7 is a founding member of the OCSF standard and already supports the ingestion of AWS CloudTrail logs in the OCSF format. Rapid7 is excited to see the continued adoption of OCSF and strongly believes that continued adoption of the standard will result in a stronger security posture for individual organizations and the global business community as a whole.”

To learn more about extending monitoring, detection, and response for the cloud with Rapid7 InsightIDR, visit https://www.rapid7.com/products/insightidr/

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