Rapid7's Intruder Analytics Solution Now Complies with European Data Hosting Requirements


Boston, MA — April 22, 2015

Rapid7, a leading provider of security data and analytics software and services, today announced that its intruder analytics offering, UserInsight, now offers a European hosting option to help organizations meet their regional data hosting compliance requirements. Driven by market demand, UserInsight customers can now choose to host data in Germany, as an alternative to the United States. UserInsight provides visibility into intruder behavior across an organization's entire ecosystem, from the endpoint to the cloud.

The new European hosting option will give organizations more choice under which privacy laws they prefer to host their data. Rapid7 will leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the EU, which was recently declared compliant by the Article 29 Working Party, a European data rights group. The group's report indicated that AWS standard contractual clauses meet all the requirements of EU data protection.

UserInsight allows organizations to rapidly detect and investigate security incidents. It focuses on preventing intruders from taking over user accounts with stealthy attacks, such as stolen credentials and lateral movement. The solution reduces alert fatigue, puts activity in the ecosystem into the user context, makes investigations easier such that the entire team can participate, and helps speed up incident response time.

European organizations currently leveraging UserInsight, who were previously opting to host data in the United States, are in a range of industries, including technology, retail, professional services, and media. These organizations are driven by the need to detect and stop intruders, increase user visibility across the network, and enhance incident investigation.

Organizations around the world struggle to establish good incident response programs. Security professionals suffer from alert fatigue and disparate systems that prohibit them from detecting and investigating incidents across their network, mobile, and cloud ecosystem,” said Lee Weiner, senior vice president of products and engineering at Rapid7. rapid7-intruder-analytics-complies-with-european-req.jspUserInsight's new European hosting option responds to the growing demand for an incident response solution that complies with EU data hosting requirements.”

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