Rapid7 Voice

As a Rapid7 customer, you can influence the development road map for the products you know and love.

Rapid7 Voice is our customer advocacy program that enables our valued customers to build their personal brand while guiding Rapid7 innovation. Join us to help influence product development, gain exposure as an industry thought leader, and engage with your industry peers.


There are a number of ways to get involved in Voice, including our Customer Reference Program, Product Engagement Program, and our Mentorship Program.


Want to be rewarded for the support and guidance you give us? Consider joining the VoiceUp advocacy hub—our online platform that allows you to earn rewards for engaging in various ways, from sharing a blog post with your network to answering a short feedback poll to speaking on our behalf at an event. 

Ready to get involved?

Join the VoiceUp advocacy hub to start giving us feedback and earning rewards!

Become an advocate

Customer Reference Program

Public References: As a public reference, you can participate in one or more of the following options:

Private References: As a private reference, you can share insights and outcomes related to your Rapid7 experience via independent phone calls with other, prospective customers. Conversations are not featured in a public forum unless explicitly permitted, and we ensure that call volume aligns with your requested level of commitment.

Product Engagement Program

Based on your interest and experience with Rapid7’s security solutions, the Product Engagement Program enables you to provide feedback and gain early access to new products and capabilities.

There are a range of options available, each of which is detailed in the Rapid7 Voice Program Brief.

At a high level, the program includes the following:

  • Discovery calls
  • Problem identification discussions
  • Design partnerships
  • Tech previews
  • Beta trials
  • User experience feedback sessions

Mentorship Program

Want to share your knowledge with others? The customer mentorship program pairs more experienced Rapid7 customers with new customers, enabling you to offer insights, share best practices, and act as a resource to security professionals who are just starting out with a new product. 

"[Mentor conversations were] very valuable. His experience suggested some sweeping changes we will seriously consider making in our deployment, because of the opportunity they bring to simplify our management and reporting."
Mentorship Program Participant