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HP-UX: CVE-2013-0443: Running Java, Remote Unauthorized Access, Disclosure of Information, and Other Vulnerabilities

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HP-UX: CVE-2013-0443: Running Java, Remote Unauthorized Access, Disclosure of Information, and Other Vulnerabilities



Unspecified vulnerability in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) component in Oracle Java SE 7 through Update 11, 6 through Update 38, 5.0 through Update 38, and 1.4.2_40 and earlier, and OpenJDK 6 and 7, allows remote attackers to affect confidentiality and integrity via vectors related to JSSE. NOTE: the previous information is from the February 2013 CPU. Oracle has not commented on claims from another vendor that this issue is related to incorrect validation of Diffie-Hellman keys, which allows remote attackers to conduct a "small subgroup attack" to force the use of weak session keys or obtain sensitive information about the private key.


  • hpux-update-jdk15-jdk15-com
  • hpux-update-jdk15-jdk15-demo
  • hpux-update-jdk15-jdk15-ipf32
  • hpux-update-jdk15-jdk15-ipf64
  • hpux-update-jdk15-jdk15-pa20
  • hpux-update-jdk15-jdk15-pa20w
  • hpux-update-jdk60-jdk60-com
  • hpux-update-jdk60-jdk60-ipf32
  • hpux-update-jdk60-jdk60-ipf64
  • hpux-update-jdk60-jdk60-pa20
  • hpux-update-jdk60-jdk60-pa20w
  • hpux-update-jdk70-jdk70-com
  • hpux-update-jdk70-jdk70-demo
  • hpux-update-jdk70-jdk70-ipf32
  • hpux-update-jdk70-jdk70-ipf64
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-com
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-com-doc
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-ipf32
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-ipf32-hs
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-ipf64
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-ipf64-hs
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-pa20
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-pa20-hs
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-pa20w
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-pa20w-hs
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-com
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-com-doc
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-ipf32
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-ipf32-hs
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-ipf64
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-ipf64-hs
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-pa20
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-pa20-hs
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-pa20w
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-pa20w-hs
  • hpux-update-jre70-jre70-com
  • hpux-update-jre70-jre70-ipf32
  • hpux-update-jre70-jre70-ipf32-hs
  • hpux-update-jre70-jre70-ipf64
  • hpux-update-jre70-jre70-ipf64-hs

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