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Sun Patch: SunVTS 7.0_x86: Patch Set 13

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Sun Patch: SunVTS 7.0_x86: Patch Set 13



From Sun Patch 147936-01

Sun has released a security patch addressing the following issues:

6988201 package issue in system/test/sunvts/tests 6993690 HBA LT should enable ilb subtest in qlctest 7034591 iobustest.qlc reports Data miscompare for Ten-bit loopback error 7035490 vtsk should pass only the test options to the callback function 7050370 cctest not recognizing the presence of L3cache on x86 7061378 sunvts.conf parser does not parse some of the input values 7062406 BootCD 7.0ps12_b9: copy_logs does not display USB media correctly 7064277 VTS_RUN_PATH dependencies need to be resolved (reworked) 7074393 typo in vtsprobe output 7074977 Mars crypto accelerator card fails cryptotest 7075665 vtsreportgenerate message - [: argument expected 7075816 fputest uses only the old name string to identify UltraSPARC processors 7079666 VTS tests should not start if the runvts script is executed alone without specifying any options 7079697 .platform_table and .sunvts_release information are not updated for latest VTS versions 7080996 cmttest dumps core in LDOMs guest domain 7081266 GUI help content is not displaying in Solaris 11 7082569 Network LT (networktest) fails on Mensa 7085617 VTS kernel coredump 7085641 Network LT: networktest fails on ports nxge0 and nxge1 on CP3250 7085787 Network LT: networktest vtsprobe can't probe sxge ports 7089474 iobustest should enable writes bassed on conf. file parameters 7089485 GUI help exception message needs to be changed 7090721 SunVTS reports resource temporarily unavailable. with SunVTS 7.0 build ps11 7092670 startsunvts needs an option to run all tests together and capture timing information 7093602 VTS/cryptotest should also accept to run on one cpuID/core on the latest CMTs 7094158 dtlbtest hangs when CPU threading mode is set to max-ipc 7094324 VTS7.0ps13build6/Disk.diskmediatest.WARNING 7094938 nettest should support vanity naming convention for network device 7095417 iobustest should support vanity naming convention for network devices 7097878 Iobustest core dumps repeatedly 7098013 pmemtest fails in System Exerciser mode on sca-seville-15 7099056 Disk LT fails and core dumps in SL-6 7099080 MAX_LOG_SIZE config file parameter is not being read by VTS kernel 7099452 Phase-2 changes to SMART Logs Capability in diskmedia test 7099922 diskmediatest coverage=1TB not working correctly 7100037 fputest prints junk value as revised lapack_max if memory is insufficient to execute Lapack 7101652 Diskmedia fstest failed, Error Message: Bad file number 6208578 add "diagonal stride" to ramtest to increase pattern stress coverage 6782563 LT pass time message is required for characterization purposes 6998107 startsunvts script needs a commandline option to capture LT timings 7014667 SunVTS Seq Write Performance delta with qdepth greater than 2 7025479 cctest timeout hapening when the thread binded to cpuid is not ready to execute the algorithms 7027856 cryptotest lint clean up 7062421 Muskie ATI fix verification 7062429 SMART logs capability in VTS tests 7062433 VTS should support multi-node deployment and remote initiation for Exa* and SuperCluster Systems 7065269 minor changes to seek=F option 7082373 SunVTS to list the vanity naming convention for physical network devices- ethernet, WiFi, IPoIB etc. 7091370 vmemtest memory and runtime auto-scaling project 7093626 tune Diskmedia test profiles based on Disk Best practices Document 7099950 Memory and Processor Logical Tests to be updated for VTS 7.0ps13 changes (from 147447-01) (PS12) 6991544 Diskmediatest filesystem subtest needs to be enhanced to induce higher stress. 6993694 iobustest qlc subtest may need to be synced up with latest 7.0ps10 qlctest updates 7001126 BootCD: User needs a way to copy the logs into a pen drive 7006935 set_mode commandline option is accepting multiple mode values where only one mode value is allowed. 7010628 dtlbtest should address high priority warnings of static code analysis tool 7010857 ramtest should address high priority warnings of static code analysis tool 7010858 vmemtest should address high priority warnings of static code analysis tool 7010859 pmemtest should address high priority warnings of static code analysis tool 7010861 cddvdtest should address high priority warnings of static code analysis tool 7010867 iobus test should address high priority warnings of static code analysis tool 7010868 nettest should address high priority warnings of static code analysis tool 7010870 serialtest should address high priority warnings of static code analysis tool 7017333 cputest throws cannot open file messages 7018789 vts/fputest about Insufficient memory resources should be improved 7019820 startsunvts syntax error on control c 7025375 Mensa: Fails cddvdtest.ERROR rdsk/c10t0d0s2: "ERROR: in byte 1 to 405401600 exp: 0x54, was: 0x00 7026128 xnetlbtest test enhancement 7026657 pmemtest clean up 7026894 SunVTS tests need to use Python 2.6 and not Python 2.4. 7027417 SunVTS Java GUI needs medium fortify warnings checked 7028018 LTs needs to be cleaned up - old profile to be removed. 7028019 Processor/Memory/Interconnect/Power LT needs tunings with PS12 changes 7028227 VTS fputest/bustest should use omp_set_num_threads(1) see 6822319 OpenMP/libmtsk 7028504 Oracle VTS7.0 infrastructure needs to execute Processor LT higher in order in Component Stress 7029403 VTS 7.0 harness should consider certain paramters to decide if a system is high or low config 7031933 vtsreportgenerate displays inaccurate LT summary results from startsunvts -s and -l 7033307 README file of VTS 7.0ps12 needs to be revised to correct VTS version. 7034033 Startsunvts enables tests which are disabled by probe 7034038 VTS boot CD: memory test failed 7035450 Test profile for SL1 and SL2 is required in Network LT. 7035840 TTY/UI doesn't display the device names correctly if it contains "/". 7036945 Oracle VTS needs ability to pick up session files from a custom location 7037591 vtstty/startsunvts core dumps under snv_163 / snv_162 7038667 netlbtest registers wrong test instances if vts is started right after boot 7040566 Diskmediatest LT profile - Reduce tasks to passes to improve pass count and 'test time'/pass. 7041425 Environment LT fails in VTS7.0ps12_b4 on X86. 7042937 Network.xnetlbtest hangs and does not get a pass in SL-3 7043610 Linting and Fortifying xnetlbtest 7044556 Unwanted INFO messages are seen to have logged in vtsk.err and vtsk_stderr.txt files 7045377 Interconnect LT should be run iobustest and bustest on Netra CP3220. 7048919 unable to start sunVTS GUI on Solaris Express 11 build 165 7049016 diskmediatest cleanup options doesn't cleanup files on some of the mounted partition. 7050341 Processor LT to make use of ramtest's target=l3cache for level 3 cache testing on T4 7050838 iobustest disk target selection is broken. 7052350 Media LT does not showup when blank media present 7052543 Diskmedia fstest should check for enough available space before starting the testing. 7052912 SSD Profile for Disk LT as per the SSD advisory document. 7053275 xnetlbtest has wrong packet type for default option 7054385 BootCD 7.0ps12_b7 : Processor LT does not get a pass in SL-6 7054800 Script startsunvts -t or -g' on Sparc shows a message "ping: unknown host" 7055607 Mensa:xnetlbtest/hxge fails when loopback is set to Auto 7059736 netlbtest gives false passes 7064277 VTS_RUN_PATH dependencies need to be resolved. (from 146862-02) (PS11) 7033363 VTS needs to recognize sandy bridge cache parameter (from 146862-01) 6357731 iobustest should allow user to specify target for nettest subtest 6927190 cctest domain wide stress need to be improved further 6969338 cddvdtest should be lint clean 6975042 sunvts.startup log does not print time stamps for the messages 6980137 fputest : Migrating to the OSS12.2 compiler set 6984312 Disk test configuration file parameters for SSD detection should be in sunvts.conf file 6988536 diskmediatest enhancements : Seek point related enhancement 6989447 diskmediatest enhancements : message to log option settings 6989894 Execution mode needed with the vtsk call back function for tests to send approx. memory req 6990506 hlgraphicstest support for sparc based system 6992068 cryptotest intermittently fails on crypto accelerator card (mars) 6992484 invokeGui VTSs scripts should not clear the default java library path 6993374 cleanup cddvdtest build dependency on tests/disk directory. 6993376 cleanup tapetest build dependency on tests/disk directory. 6995546 systest : Migrating to the OSS12.2 compiler set 6997101 Oracle VTS TTY-UI needs an About button to display copyright information 6997110 Phase 2 changes for T4 in cctest 6998722 Cryptotest should not build with the symbol table 6998919 7.0ps11 b1 - memory leak in vts kernel 6999270 GUI code cleanup for security compliance 7001124 SunVTS kernel debug messages needs to be revisited 7001128 vts kernel needs to use the defined VTS library API's for configuration file access 7003698 iutest needs to unmap the mmaped files after the bzip and crypto subtests 7004086 iobustest diskprobe takes more than 1 hour to complete probing on some systems. 7005025 hlgraphicstest should be disabled by default 7005183 x86/iutest dumps core for unsupported values of subtest option 7005561 all executable files and libraries are user executable. 7006770 SUNWvtss package partially failed to install on Sparc & X86. 7007287 sunvts.conf support is not working. 7009263 cddvdtest is required to set appropriate uscsi flags. 7012850 Fputest didn't pass on Online mode. 7012862 VTS 7.0: IDLE time limit for vts kernel to stop tests after given time is not working 7014090 Installing 7.0ps11_b7 SUNWvtsr changes the permission of /etc from 755 to 744 7018929 nettest sxge support required - SunVTS 7.0 PS11 7022293 startsunvts -l does not run for 4 hours 7023068 showrev -p doesn't show patch ID information in VTS 7.0PS11 final build. 7028612 netlbtest fails intermittently in ext_lb mode 7030140 set loopback mode to normal before setting mode to External/Internal - xnetlbtest 7030141 set loopback mode to normal before setting mode to External/Internal - iobustest (from 145112-01) (PS10) 6791955 Lint cleaning for include and libsrc 6831365 memory tests(bus/ram) can build-in some intelligence for reserve option like reserve=auto 6885889 sunvts 7.0 xnetlbtest send delay default value needs to be revisited 6886920 Error messages in vts.info should not contain quotes and newline characters 6898364 T5220: qlctest.loopback.FATAL qlc: ONE/TEN bit loopback test failed 6901011 Sunvts 7.0 cddvdtest: set read-mode to sequential 6911807 iutest enhancements for x86 6911830 vtsk test option passing is inconsistent with unregistered test options 6916240 vtstty does not accept Back Space on text fields 6930691 copy loops subtest has to be ported to x86 platforms. 6935427 Platform identification in SunVTS does not work on all platforms 6941968 Sunvts7.0 runs incorrect profile on systems having xen guest domain. 6943332 iobustest.net data mismatch failures during exclusive 6943976 iobustest does not run Filesystem subtest from command line 6947920 fputest enhancements, part-3 : Makefile split,porting of some subtests to FJSPARC, some cleanup etc. 6948174 qlctest should support new FCoE adapter 6948295 dtlbtest message cleanup: converting resource allocation FATALs to ALERTs 6950142 vtsk does not track the 'Pass' information for LT's having multiple tasks. 6954171 fputest's top-level Makefile ignores the VTSDIR macro; nightly build fails 6954571 netlbtest clean_up routine should be changed to become async signal safe. 6954576 xnetlbtest clean_up() routine should be changed to become async signal safe. 6954877 Excessive serial test message in info file 6955805 xnetlbtest fails to set the loopback mode if the port was already set to same loopback mode. 6957306 cctest: exit code -1 is used for DEBUG message. 6958940 fputest : Improving the mechanism to terminate child processes in the clean-up procedure 6959265 pmemtest : Improving the mechanism to terminate child processes 6959516 VTS GUI crashes occasionally 6959523 Some VTS tests leave shared memory segments behind 6960056 diskmediatest : Wildcard support for dev= and other enhancements. 6960406 Ramtest test message cleanup: Appropriate FATALs to be converted to ALERTs 6960426 l2sramtest message needs to provide more information 6960428 cputest message needs to provide more information 6960468 cputest's clean_up need to be made async-signal-safe 6960469 iutest's clean_up need to be made async-signal-safe 6960476 dtlbtest's clean_up need to be made async-signal-safe 6960477 cctest's clean_up need to be made async-signal-safe 6960478 l1dcachetest's clean_up need to be made async-signal-safe 6960479 l2sramtest's clean_up need to be made async-signal-safe 6960822 VTS should provide more flexibility in selecting Platform Test Profiles 6960916 SIGINT blocking can be extended for the entire duration of test_init() 6961921 vts scripts need to be modified to have refined check for vtsk process in solaris 6962198 vts_message API implementation can be improved 6962332 pmemtest has to use the new xen check api to identify the xen systems. 6963405 pmemtest fails with SIGFPE(signal 8) on systems with more retired pages 6963815 vmemtest async signal handling should be made more robust 6964245 iobus-disk/net subtests doesn't start on some systems 6964560 startsunvts script is not giving proper messages to the users in case of errors 6964578 diskmediatest is not comparing data properly - File system subtest. 6964611 VTS7.0 xnetlbtest fails with DLPI Bind error. 6965006 iobustest should be lint clean 6966106 Memory LT needs workaround for CR 6965691 6969247 diskmediatest should use random seed for random seek mode 6969341 ixgb driver entry should present in all io config files 6970309 7.0ps10_b3: Network LT showed 0 passes when all selected devices completed many passes. 6970501 cctest validate+stress testing time could be reduced effectively 6970682 SunVTS re-branding changes for TTY user interface 6970699 startsunvts does not run from directory other than /usr/sunvts/bin 6970985 Occasionally VTS starts while setting Auto Mode Sequencer in GUI 6971196 Exclude list configuration file for diskmediatest 6971211 i/o test support for new configuration file 6971234 Port Network LT options as per new conf file specification. 6971258 l1dcachetest's infrastructure is not scaling with no.of cores/threads 6971260 cctest xcall test may not be deterministic at time 6972033 VTS7.0ps10 iobustest gives warning message as "invalid device name or instance..." 6972357 x86/Processor LT to be tuned for shorter passes in SL4 6972679 Rebranding changes in GUI screens and GUI Help 6973617 ibhcatest is not getting listed in Network LT Device Options under GUI/TTY. 6973988 HBA.qlctest.mbox_loopback_test.FATAL qlc: "Invalid file descripter 64 passed in." 6973995 Wrong Usage information for vts_cmd set_global_options 6975037 startsunvts message seems to have a typo in log file path 6975182 VTS requires a consistent configuration file format and access APIs 6979944 netlbtest does not fail in external loopback mode for 16+ hours if no external loopback is installed 6980088 SunVTS harness needs to support user specified configuration file location 6980816 pmemtest fails with segv in test_init/pre_test_init when run from mdb 6985812 VTS GUI help file edits (from 144735-03) (PS9) 6984233 SUNvts patch 143977 has dropped a package SUNWvtss, this has broken zone update on attach (from 144735-02) 6974527 VTS needs to update to the new name for RF and new RF platform names (from 144735-01) 6866766 Media LT unsupported in the presence of tape drive. 6867804 cctest should report more accurate swap requirements 6868928 Iobustest should dump the buffers on failure 6879712 JavaGUI: Unable to scroll Auto Mode Sequencer,Disk LT and Network LT to apply changes 6883164 Java GUI: java.awt.AWTEventMulticaster.mouseEntered .. when running in Mode Sequencer. 6896346 New disk test for SunVTS. 6914446 cputest message cleanup: New message type ALERT is introduced for comprehenssive messaging by tests 6915195 Cleanup the messages in iobustest 6915940 7.0ps internal loopback option is not seen on Java GUI 6916011 disktest dumps core on 32 bit x86 machine. 6917176 iobustest should not spawn 8 threads on USB targets with stress=MAX 6917483 Error message 'Invalid Rules File' shows up on sun4u when starting vtsk. 6917627 Removable_Disk LT (disktest) sometime hangs for ever. 6919051 SunVTS needs to recogize new GLDv3 NIC driver qlge 6919134 iobustest.VERBOSE iobus: "Targets to be Auto mounted for file system testing: /vol/dev/dsk/c0t0d0/so 6920841 cputest needs to be enhanced to report more realistic swap numbers 6920858 sunvts network-loopback tests need to support qlge NIC interfaces. 6921210 systest cleanup : x86 lint cleaning, removing unused code etc 6921274 cctest exits with timeout messages even after long wait time 6921975 Interconnect LT needs iobustest modification to avoid false positive 6922216 Sun Blade X6270 M2, W/ SunVTS 7.0ps8, no vertical scroll bar when in test options, can't exit out. 6923473 vtstty intermittently looses connection to vts agent 6923663 iobustest behaviour is discrepant with zfs 6923936 xnetlbtest should not be failing for I_FLUSH ioctl failures 6924112 fputest enhancements - part-2 : new subtests for the FMOV, FNEG, FABS, FADD and FSUB instructions 6924176 multi process approach required for pmemtest. 6924951 vmemtest message infrastructure needs clean-up 6925014 vtsprobe shows junk characters for cddvdtest 6925236 cputest throwing file non-existent standard error messages 6925600 SunVTS7.0ps7 testprobe_pmemtest() Failed with segmentation violation (signal: 11) 6926326 SunVTS kernel needs to enhanced to display vtsreport logs. 6926585 vtsreportgenerate does not work 6926975 dlopen() for probe shared library ../../lib/probe/64/cpupmtest_probe.so failed on x64 platforms. 6927056 Many inconsistencies in VTS man pages 6927139 pmemtest message infrastructure needs clean-up 6927150 SunVTS kernel changes for Vts Message type-ALERT 6927180 vtsreportgenerate tab to be displayed in GUI 6928487 SUNWvtsts package delivers sparc binaries on x86 6929251 check_disply binary needs to be renamed and packaged along with hlgraphicstest for x86. 6930372 SunVTS harness should handle memory resource crunch gracefully 6930675 Unsafe test option '-U' needs to be updated for <test_name -u> 6930777 startsunvts script needs to be enhanced to have more default testing options. 6931582 fputest message cleanup : converting some resource allocation FATALs to ALERTs et al 6931930 iobustest.netlbtest hanging on X6275 6932613 Removable_Disk run time is set as infinite from 5th pass onwards 6932715 WARNING: No saved state for javax.swing.JTabbedPane... when starting GUI on X4540. 6932800 vmemtest messages need to use the new ALERT_PASS exit code 6933437 ISM memory segments used by dtlbtest can cause memory resource crunch 6933781 Network tests fail on nxge devices if Interconnect LT is run before Network LT 6934383 sunvts ibhcatest's options are incorrect in Network.xml 6934422 iu/l1dcache/l2sram tests message cleanup: converting resource allocation FATALs to ALERTs 6934509 cddvdtest probe gives lot of unwanted messages with vtsprobe. 6935192 l2sramtest:"Terminated due to signal(11)" 6935432 pmemtest coredump intermittently 6935593 cctest message cleanup: converting resource allocation FATALs to ALERTs 6936524 DiskLT Global options not working in GUI 6936714 Missing Disk/Interconnect/Media LT on Xen guest domain. 6937211 disk LT has multiple wrong options to the test. 6937216 diskmediatest (CLI, multiple targets) exit status is misleading. 6937267 diskmedia ssd subtest writes to root disk with disk_force_write enabled. 6937363 Processor test failure due to resource issue with 7.0ps9/serpa/8GB_config 6937856 vtsreportgenerate generates sed command garbled message 6938063 VTS7.0ps8 cddvdtest fails on some x86 systems having CD-RW media. 6938637 vtsk intermittently takes too long to become idle after stop cmd is issued 6940730 Ioports.audiotest.WARNING sound0: "clean_up: Failed ioctl AUDIO_SETINFO: Invalid argument. 6940922 Missing man page for vtsreportgenerate 6941816 vts/ramtest not able to run properly when the memory has certain sizes 6942011 ILT can include bustest for some other platforms 6942337 Incorrect reporting with stopsunvts 6942341 startsunvts -d can be more usable 6942342 vtsreportgenerate could not handle logs over two files 6942351 vtsreportgenerate has some inconsistencies 6942405 l1dcache/l2sram/l3sram tests use deprecated assembly instruction 6942406 cpu/iu tests use deprecated assembly instruction 6942411 diskmediatest tuning for online test. 6942804 vtsk.ERROR : ERROR: Test Processor.cctest(cc) [pid 8224] died due to signal 16 in SL-4. 6943166 diskmediatest : Insufficient message for Write Request on P[0-4] with disk_data_write=Enable 6944424 cc/cmt/mp tests use deprecated assembly instruction 6945546 Occasionally VTS Start fails immediately after a previous run 6945563 vtsk low memory config message should be an INFO message. 6945598 Network.xnetlbtest "Terminated due to signal(8)" 6945778 VTS7.0ps9: Need to tune Disk LT for SL5 and SL6 6945787 VTS7.0 nettest needs to be disabled by default. 6946580 sunvts does not log physical test info properly 6946654 cputest sometimes hangs in clean_up() when stopped through SIGINT 6946675 Network.xnetlbtest should have threshold values to handle packet drop issues. 6947167 Netlbtest - 'packet missed' should not appear if counts are within the threshold value. 6947495 cddvd-probe shows incorrect controller name with DVD+-RW media. 6948059 cctest intermittent hang 6948079 SunVTS 7.0ps9B7 pmemtest warning is increasing the MeM LT/L4 error counter 6949097 diskmediatest fails with 'Operation in progress' with higher number of threads. 6949765 copyright information changes to SunVTS tty-ui help and README 6949963 Memory.pmemtest.WARNING mem: "The pmemtest (PID=1800) terminated abnormally." 6950154 diskmediatest goes into infinite loop if invoked from /usr/sunvts/bin directory 6950195 startsunvts script needs to change keyword "lite" to "short" to be more meaningful. 6950882 VTS diskmediatest quits after 4 hours of runtime when running w/ 757 disks 6950997 Empty sunvts.ops file after SunVTS testing completed. 6951670 SunVTS Network test is not stopping in a timely manner 6951990 VTS7.0 Removable_Disk test needs to be supported in component stress mode. 6952563 Register Kimchee disk as SSD. 6954284 truncated licenses for sunvts packages 6954415 dtlbtest hang when vts exiting 6954477 diskmediatest fails with error 7999 6954631 ibhcatest clean_up() routine should be changed to become async signal safe. 6955070 iobustest should be reviewed and enhanced to be async signal safe (e.g. clean_up() routine) 6956240 Time limit for SunVTS status to go idle needs to be dynamic 6956252 pmemtest parent_pid has to be initialized. 6956255 VTS7.0 cddvdtest needs to be enhanced for async-safe signal handling. 6956258 Default signal handler for SIGINT, installed by VTS test lib should use _exit() instead of exit() 6956719 serialtest clean_up routine should be async safe. 6956736 audiotest clean_up routine should async safe 6956765 diskmediatest - Async signal handling required for the clean-up code. 6957133 cctest leaks shmsegs (VTS7.0ps9) (from 143978-01) (PS8) 6624018 data miscompare messages in bustest/fpn could provide more details 6632863 vts_cmd enable/disable_test never returns non-zero exit status 6716565 Rawcover should not exceed scope 6757465 vtssysinfo should compare timestamps from the same system's clock while checking for file sanity 6848354 iobustest : Memory leak 6866778 Interconnect LT runs pmemtest, vmemtest: even after de-selecting both the device nodes from TTY. 6876918 OPL LTs has to be tuned for better testing. 6877787 ramtest usage message should be updated with new options. 6883787 vtsprobe output does not display drive f/w 6886834 Interconnect.iobustest"Test threads on netlb interface are found hung on igb interface" x4275 system 6889867 vts should print a message out when it is doing only read even after the user selected write option. 6891226 SunVTS "Auto" mode causes many netlbtest errors. 6892190 SunVTS 7.0 Logical Tests should have a "Delay" option for physical test execution 6892256 Enhance disktest to support Kimchee HBA 6892631 SunVTS 7.0 should capture the output of the probing in a log file 6893801 SunVTS 7.0 Message Cleanup. 6895312 VTSID 0 Interconnect.iobustest.ne tlb.WARNING iobus: igb2 port not readable in external loopback 6896310 netlbtest loopback options not sticking when loaded with a session file 6896340 disktest should have the capability to identify the disks as SSDs or HDDs 6896705 disktest needs to export tolerance option on TTY/GUI 6897163 fputest spends time in Niagrara subtests on non-Niagara systems 6897165 cmttest takes huge time in finding sibling strand on a stressful system 6897991 Remove references from the SunVTS to accomadate for removal of browser user interface. 6898955 vtsprobe under Sunvts 7.0PS7 did not display drive capacity correctly 6899490 Interconnect LT lists only IO Buses option but runs memory tests as well 6900074 SunVTS 7.0ps7 disktest reports errors to 2TB HDDs and fails soon 6900900 SunVTS7.0ps7 EXC hang. Interconnect.iobustest.WARNING iobus: threads were found to have hung 6901007 disktest died due to signal 9 on a qlc connected disk. 6903311 7.0ps8 HBA LT qlctest 1-bit loopback subtest needs to be disabled as a workaround for CR 6898364 6903511 showrev -p vts7.0ps7plus & vts7.0ps8_b2 shouldn't have the same patch version. 6903866 SunVTS7.0 configurability support for DISK test and NET test. 6903917 pkcs11.conf file is being corrupted with":enabledlist="during vts run, resulting in crypto failure 6904700 fputest enhancements - part-1 : reordering and grouping of subtests, a new option called 'subtests'. 6904723 disktest should print the read/write test information for the target. 6904727 disktest has lower write & write-read performance. 6904731 disktest should allow internal users to run write tests on p[0-4]. 6905276 GUI throws exception on clicking mouse in table Progress bar cell in LTGroup page 6905277 Does not display some LT options. Should dynamically display LT options. 6905280 vtsk not running, Error Dialog displayed and exception thrown on screen. Graceful exit needed. 6905866 SunVTS gui default size needs to be increased 6906776 vmem/pmem tests need to be taken off SL5,6 for interconnect LT. 6906796 iobustest : Memory leak 6907353 bmctestevironment should not depend on ipmitool version 6908656 vtsk core dumps with SIGABRT for invalid Test Option 6909400 Disktest fails option rawrw=writeread with S10U8_b08a(fcs) 6910889 disktest fails to run on x86 with vold running on p* nodes. 6910892 cddvdtest fails with higher image size and loop count. 6910900 Environment LT should support cryptotest on x86. 6911777 Enhance disktest to find disktype as SSD or HDD using config file approach 6911864 Starting VTS in S10 causes SCSI WARNINGS to console for all disk 6911890 SUNWvtsts dynamic dependency on SUNWpiclu not captured 6911942 SunVTS Cryptotest: RC4 testing is not supported on SUNW,kt-cwq Compatible Device 6913560 cddvdtest fails with blank command on CR-R media 6913856 LT characterization needed for PS8 feature 6913862 ILT profile needs to be updated with memory tests. 6914968 Disktest.FATAL "Failed unlocking semaphore. "semop" system call failure, errmsg: Invalid argument." 6915436 Release Table file needs to be updated for S10U8 6917812 physmem-ramtest has to be taken out of memory profiles for x86 6918218 SunVTS7.0ps7 iobustest died by SEGV in mktemp(3C) (from 143007-01) (PS7) 6407064 dtlbtest need lint clean for sparc and x86 6513881 SunVTS7.0/ BETA: Media LT failed, error message too cryptic 6723426 Sunvts GUI shows unknown after 170hours of test time 6737206 bus/ram tests can check for cpu implementation number than the exact processor names 6739151 On zfs, disktest should not support compareread on partition 2 6762804 Disktest and iobustest should not register/test LUN31 of STK 2530/6140 Array 6767699 mem marches in ramtest should be supported with new options 6793275 Sunvts needs to support the WWOPS SSD test advisory 6805481 usb disktest hard coded delay values between each trasaction should be made as a tunable parameter 6812356 VTS should print Task info as it gets forked 6813972 vts7.0ps5 Release Table file needs to be updated for s10u7 6817704 vtstty showing unwanted and incorrect pop up messages. 6822566 need to automate the selection of test-options in xnetlbtest. 6830976 disktest needs to be lint cleaned. 6831364 iobustest should support testing nxge ports 6831424 iobustest should support jumbo frames with mtu size less that 9022 with jumbo=enable option 6834390 SunVTS 7.0 needs a concise and platform-generic Report 6839495 For non-solaris partiton disktest always shows p0, as the one registered for testing. 6839797 vtstty: disktest device is overlapped by the words Options. 6841472 cddvd-subtest should be disabled by default in the MediaLT, if there is no media in the drive. 6842712 vtsk should not sort the test option ordering by alphaphetical order 6842751 cputest.WARNING CPU: "The cputest on cpu_id 34 (PID=2868) terminated abnormally." 6843635 Network.netlbtest fails with error message "DLPI bind failed for device e1000gx" 6845020 Automate disktest to run with effective options by default 6845362 disktest usage message needs to be updated 6846577 Automate the selection of netlbtest is not working on Sun-Blade-x8400 6846747 iobustest.netlbtest fails to detect external loopback on x8400 6846750 Incorrect string operations in media, network, disk and interconnect ltprobes. 6846922 vts7.0ps6: "Timed Out' message needs to be enhancement. 6847272 xnetlbtest fails when compiled with default compiler optimization flag (-O) 6848369 vts sysinfo memory leak 6848592 diskprobe registers disktest twice for same disk if disk not partitioned 6849102 SSD profiles for x86 platforms 6849107 Support for >1TB disks in disktest 6851314 Sunvts bmcenvironment when using ipmitool generates warning messages 6851915 vtsk should free memory appropriately before 'reprobe' 6853330 disktest: scsi_inquiry command either gets empty string or lengthy incorrect string as product-id 6853904 ramtest core dumps with lock,startaddress,length parameter 6854809 serialtest probe cause hangs on scorpio 6854822 disktest dumps core on partition without filesystem 6855677 media LT unsupported even in the presence of media in the drive. 6857264 timeout option in MLT and ILT has to be replaced with the time option. 6857390 disktest should check for swapfs and ignore the partition for write-read tests. 6857557 disktest:If only "SSD_VENDOR = "string is present in disktest.conf, all disks are registered as SSD. 6857886 non-relevant code to be removed from ramtest 6858345 disktest compareread does not run with default options 6859137 dtlbtest: memory leak 6860199 fputest : Migrating to the SS12U1 compiler set 6860205 systest : Migrating to the SS12U1 compiler set 6860324 cddvdtest takes too long to complete 1 pass 6860831 In cddvdtest, need to fix error messages. 6861543 Disktest core dumps in SL-1, SL-2 on Sparc & X86 systems 6861636 test_init() code needs to be reworked for SS12U1 6861677 SunVTS cachetests: Migrating to the SS12U1 compiler set 6861680 SunVTS dtlb/cpu/cmt/iu/mp/cc tests: Migrating to the SS12U1 compiler set 6861927 Disktest LT fails in SL-1 to SL-6 on Thor + ST7410. 6862122 Disk LT fails on network booted machine in SL6 and pass level 3 6863029 SunVTS 7.0 TTY code needs to be cleaned up. 6863097 Migrating to ss12u1 compiler 6863564 Interconnect.disktest dumps core on sparc machine with veritas installed 6863567 version string does not reflect the build information 6863569 Ioports/serialtest fails in all stress levels with "Insufficient arguments" message 6864015 Memory.ramtest.FATAL mem: "Invalid option: phsymem, use -u option for help on usage" 6864286 Minor cleaning up of VTS tests library. 6864295 iobustest, disktest, cddvdtest & tcptest need changes to handle newly added -T test option from vtsk 6865000 SunVTS - New Java Swing based standalone user interface. 6865255 test_end tries to free an unallocated pointer. 6865613 Auto mode sequencer for SunVTS 7.0 6866236 iobustest needs to support disks > 1TB 6866665 HBA qlctest fails in SL-1,SL-2,SL-5,SL-6 and core dumps. 6867567 Processor LT is not present in Exerciser and Component Stress Mode 6868113 SunVTS 7.0 TTY interface should add support for auto sequencer. 6869014 vtstty core dumps on resetting Device Options in Network LT 6869989 Media LT fails with "Could not find text for message id 6051." 6870340 diskperf leaks memory and causes system to hang. 6871300 rdperf and wrperf values are not passed onto vtsk. 6871717 New SSD vendor ids needed in disktest.conf 6872009 cddvdtest fails if cd or cdrw media present in CDRW drive. 6872339 systest : After SS12U1 migration, the test does not execute Lapack when the 'time' option is given 6872356 l1dcachetest (built with SS12U1) core dumps for dev=cpu-unitN option 6873770 Disktest does not perform writes with Data Safe Disabled 6873774 Disktest SSD profile is not accurate 6873905 stress option needs to be removed from Disk.xml 6875402 Add profile for online mode in Disk.xml, and tune the test for low stress . 6875446 Java GUI : Edit Global Options does not work 6875601 fputest : Some recently introduced INFO messages can be changed to DEBUG 6876167 Network.xnetlbtest fails with error message "DLPI bind failed for device /dev/nxge" 6876922 LTs has to be tuned for better online testing 6878226 Disk LT did not even get 1 pass after 16+ hours in SL-2 6878664 JavaGUI:Unable to apply global options. 6878673 Java GUI:View logs not usable 6879505 SunVTS harness not exporting the devices to LT based on the device_type value. 6879510 VTS7.0ps7b6 BootCD: Disk LT fails in online stress mode 6879561 Create New LT "Removiable_Disk" for usb & CF type of devices. 6880704 "Warning:mount /dev/dsk/c1t0d0s3 to /disktest_c1t0d0s3 failed:I/O error"on starting vtsk 6881088 diskprobe sometimes registers ssd/hdd disks as usb disks. 6882500 Java GUI: Displays last 30 lines of log irrespective of user input 6883388 sunvts netlbtest timeout handler is not working properly. 6883410 Main package MLT and ILT typos has to be fixed. 6885167 disktest does not register the USB disk 6886518 Removable_Disk LT fails on usb devices when vold is running. 6886811 SunVTS7.0. Network test - Change the test execution mode to sequential. 6887243 Installation of sunvts main packages partially failed (from 142139-01) (PS6) 6678509 vtstty - can't be stopped the tests in a short time. 6790898 dtlbtest: mmap fails to allocate memmory on Sun Fire X4100 booted with Xen 6801666 iobus.cfg settings are not applied to test across reprobes in iobustest 6804582 l2sramtest terminates due to signal 11 for option march_window=8/16 6804732 Iobustest potential memory leak in, and code simplifications for, previous fix for 6767819 6809880 vts_cmd man page needs to be updated to add the device / test specific options. 6817616 vtsk gives incorrect pass information for Interconnect LT in SL-1 and SL-2 6817628 disktest doing strict string name checking for method option.Accepts 'AsyncIO' and not 'syncio'. 6817669 sunvts.info should not log Pass Level 2 information when LTs are ran for single pass 6818735 startsunvts exiting abruptly 6819323 ramtest: Bus Error on network booted machine 6821798 Processor LT dumps core in SL-3 on Sun Fire X4450 6822033 ramtest timeout on T6320 6822487 sunvts not listing memory physical tests after started running the tests 6822550 ramtest detects varitas volume manager enabled machine as a diskless boot machine. 6823610 iobustest taking more time with jumbo=Enable. 6827122 iobustest.netlbtest fails with message DLPI primative DL_BIND failed 6827671 vmemtest core dumps for invalid pass option 6829897 sysinfo: vts_tlib_is_cpu_cmt() to return CMT/NON_CMT on x86 6830848 disktest runs write tests on multi-path disks in 7.0 6831358 Graphics LT : vtsk core dumps on applying display settings on x86 systems 6831425 connectivity tests should not prompt for running writeread tests. 6832927 disktest does not work as expected with readn,writen 6833702 hsclbtest core dump 6835953 disktest gives a misleading verbose message 6837796 Disk LT and Interconnect LT fails on x86 system for main package on non-solaris (p[0-4]) partitions. 6837805 disktest fails on mounted partitions with manufacturing package installed. 6838130 sysinfo returning L3 cache size 0 on Sun Fire X4470 6838312 iobustest fails to fork test threads on Genesis 6838850 disktest behaviour is inconsistent on non-solaris partitions 6840970 typos need to be corrected in ramtest_info.c 6841038 iobustest spawnning multiple threads on the same disk targets. 6841049 pmemtest fails to display message id 15,16,18 6841594 bustest and ramtest get invoked with all options instead of only user specified options 6844681 7.0ps6 BootCD : not able to start BUI 6851505 pmemtest doesnt calculate number of segments on the system correctly. 6848324 iobustest.netlbtest subtest warning message:"port not readable in external loopback" (from 139657-02) (PS5) 6761766 Error in startsunvts script. 6765403 VTS TTY in 7.0 needs to display the entire device names 6769388 Vtstty: typo error at Test Mode on Sparc & X86. 6781416 VTS is unclear about reporting its version 6786003 testprobe_Interconnect failed when executing startsunvts -b or -t on x86 32bit system. 6786652 Processor Test in SL-6 at specific "pass level 1" is not working as expected. 6787724 Deselecting all devices in Interconnect Test Options is not working as expected on X86 system. 6787740 Network Test Device Options doesn't provide enough field to support the Target Host Options. 6788300 Typo error in /var/sunvts/session/DEFAULT_SESSION.xml and in another new created filename.xml 6794203 vts kernel should skip to next pass level on occurence of an error 6795294 Tuning Disk, Interconnect(io) timelines for x86 profiles 6796222 disktest takes longer time to start the write-read tests on the partition. 6798832 iobustest probe dumps core at the probe time. 6802490 vtstty - Segmentation fault core dumped when changing disktest options 6804917 vtstty - Test Groups do not get updated (Pass/Error) on 'Test Screen'. 6775439 BUI changes for device specific options 6792000 readn=<n> & writen=<n> is required to work with 'Seq-WriteRead' option. 6798963 Processor & Memory LTs need to be tuned for x86 platforms (from 139657-01) 6542048 limit the number of warning messages in VTS/l2sramtest due to fma faulting a cpuID 6594642 ramtest asms should use frame size macro instead of hardcoded values for save instruction 6711476 vmemtest cli (7.0) verbose message needs to be tuned for better clarity to users 6717116 Network LT probe should list Back to Back Loopback option for nxge interface 6721139 sunvts_profile.xml should give information on disabled devices 6722986 FATAL messages not educative to user in 7.0u1 during binary execution by cmdline with -s option 6737124 cputest should be made processes based 6746414 sunvts7.0: Unable to perform disk performance testing 6747275 infrastructure support needed for exporting the test device options in SunVTS7.0 6748748 SunVTS 7.0 should support creation of Generic or Host specific Session 6750565 vts7.0ps4 Release Table file needs to be updated for s10u6 6752981 ramtest code for memory calculations in bootcd, physmem, and low memory scenarios can be refined 6758420 disktest does not register all the disks on a Sun Fire X4440 system 6760993 Memory.vmemtest.WARNING kmem: Reserve specified is less than the default value of 20% 6765950 disktest reports test successfull inspite of IO error 6766518 VTS incorrectly directs operator to look in var/adm/messages for soft disk errors 6766849 Vtsk & all the test modules in /var/sunvts/logs/sunvts.info listed as 7.0 2007/01/04 (7.0 build7) 6767790 disktest should run in backup mode with write-read for SSD option 6768264 vmemtest reserve value needs to be increased for boot cd environments 6769510 SunVTS7.0:Need a option in Interconnect LTProbe to control execution of iobustest 6770091 vtsprobe prints unwanted message "Unable to create the logs file" 6770248 disktest should not perform write testing on the root disk 6770255 diskstest should support 100% write followed by read 6770484 TTY should support session file type (Generic / Host specific) in "Save session" menu 6770485 VTS7.0x: vtsprobe "-h" is not working 6773458 BUI changes to support Generic session type 6774081 SunVTS 7.0:Session file should save/load Device specific options 6775365 SunVTS7.0: Add functionality to loop on a particular Pass Level from infrastructure 6775435 TTY should support viewing/editing device specific options 6776637 sunvts Sysinfo api returns '0' Size for L2 and L3 cache on Nehalem Sun Blade X6270 system 6778696 vtsk hangs on Sun Fire X4440 system having 384 disks 6780978 vtstty - Hit <cr> key to list session menu caused Segmentation fault core dumped 6781585 Interconnect Test in SL-6 can't report any passes in certain condition 6787144 vtstty: Hit "Apply" to save the Network Test Device Options caused vtsk dumped core (from 139172-01) (PS4) 6689519 processor test fails due to popen failure during uncompress Resource temporarily unavailable 6694071 dtlbtest usage message needs to update 6708669 VTS7.0ps2: vtstty coredump in SL-6 on Sparc & x86 systems 6711419 vts_tlib_get_cpu_cacheinfo() fails to give cache information on Sun Fire X4150 6714315 SunVTS serialtest: prtdiag command needs to be replaced with sysinfo() 6721423 CPU test failures running SUNvts7.0ps2 System exerciser 6724572 SUNvts doesn't size it's workload properly for the system configuration 6727568 vtstty: Deselecting all devices in Network test options should not be allowed 6729272 disktest reports wrong error in case of non-existent partitons 6731334 Media LT probe should export devices based on test probe registration 6732626 testinfo utility is missing in SunVTS 7.0 6732989 netlbtest core dumps on e1000g interface 6733300 sunvts.info logs file functionality is not enhanced to handle device selection/deselection facility 6733735 6.4ps4 disktest taking too long to complete 1-pass 6735012 bmcenvironment test should check for disabled FRUs before checking their Sensor values 6736638 tapetest should not run 'write-read' test by default 6737251 disktest can not be run from BUI/TTY 6739627 vtsk core dumps on x86 system with Pallene Emulex HBA 6740779 Vts_msg function string has to be made large enough to accomodate larger strings 6740836 iobustest hangs in external netlb subtest run for single target with stress=max option 6741838 mounted partitions on veritas are not detected in disktest 6742424 7.0 vtsk does not seem to recognize the canned option strings 6743368 iobustest verbose messages are missing for type of loopback test 6743619 7.0 vtstty dumps core while handling large number of devices 6746763 disktest fails with invalid command argument 6747077 vtsk doesn't execute on non-supported/non-qualified x86 platforms(and in the absence of smbios) 6749255 wcadmin list gives error with jdk1.6. Mask error messages in scripts 6752425 l2sramtest fails on Intel Xeon machines(Sun Fire X2250, Sun Blade X6250 Server Module) 6752637 disktest coredump with ssd option enabled 6756126 tapetest should be included in the rules file for base package 6756811 l2sramtest hangs on Sun Blade X6420 & on sun4v machines 6758629 Processor LT doesn't get a pass in 2.5 hrs on Netra CP3250 6763020 cddvdtest core dumps with Arithmetic Exception(SIGFPE) due to divide by zero error encountered 6770987 serialtest should be disabled on X6270 (Virgo) and X4275 (Hyde) platform 6771032 tapetest is missing in x86 main packages 6771167 disktest fails 100% in sunvts 7.0ps4 6771178 serialtest does not showup on niagara platforms (from 138505-03) (PS3) 6715215 vts7.0u1_b2: can't add 'New Host' communication broken with vtsk on UUT when using invokeVtsAgent 6717085 SunVTS7.0U1 should have default value for test time and pass and not infinite value 6717113 Network LT probe should list nxge interface in Network Device 6717125 Network LT rules file doesn't have entry for xnetlbtest in main package 6723354 SunVTS7.0U1:Change default Global time for System Exerciser mode 6725539 Core dumps immediately on BUI & TTY when click on "start" button to start sunvts on any Sparc & x86 6704560 SUNWvtsts RUNPATH issues with snv_89 6720538 vts_msg function truncates the longer messages 6710977 Execution profile dump should have pass level information 6698665 SUNWvtss package should have SUNWmcon defined as a dependency 6713354 multiple instances of vtsk should not run 6709338 VTS7.0ps2: vtsprobe should not depend on /var/sunvts/logs/vtsprobe file 6727133 7.0ps3_b1: l2sramtest dumps core on x86 platforms(Intel based) 6697234 vtsk does not start in Sun Fire X4140/Sun Fire X4440 and Sun Fire X4540 systems (from 138505-02) 6720953 SunVTS 7.0 patches 138504/5-01 and 138413/4-01 clashed on all files (from 138505-01) 6487090 bustest/ramtest should be able to reset default loop counts and sequence subtests by CLI 6499533 unsupported LTs should not be displayed 6630175 thm does not show proper message when test times out 6695898 fputest : Enhancements for x86 - phase1 6695906 coverage for Stingray L3 buffer can be added to ramtest 6696897 March algorithm needs to be added for x86 platform for l1dcache and l2sram tests 6697170 Device Selection / Deselection ability should be provided for certain tests 6707730 disktest should not support exclusive mode from commandline 6708355 VTS7.0ps2:Interconnect LT says Not supported for Thunder for SL-1 to SL-4 6709467 7.0ps2 BUI BootableDVD: SunVTS Launcher does not work when booted using JavaRconsole VirtualCDROM 6715893 TTY UI should provide support for checkboxes in LT options (from 138414-01) (PS2) 6677883 VTS7.0ps1: vtsprobe displays garbage value for netlbtest 6678555 l2sramtest and systest can't get a system pass after 19hrs of testing 6687939 Interconnect LT - Adding x86 profile (for extd pkg) and updating readme 6691843 prevent opening of multiple 'Add Host' pop-up windows 6692649 VTS7.0: vtsprobe does not probe on "unknown" hostname 6693026 ./startsunvts[4]: /var/sunvts/logs/sunvts.startup: cannot create on a brand new reos system 6696885 SunVTS should support all Sun systems 6697462 stopsunvts script to stop and quit sunvts application 6698047 reserve value for ramtest in MLT should be reverted back to 20% from 10% on x86 machine 6698680 SunVTS 7 start scripts return before finishing initialization 6698687 startsunvts should not need to be run as ./startsunvts 6699228 disktest filesystem subtest test fails on SunVTS USB boot media. 6701066 save_session/load_session command should be more flexible to take the testMode input 6701952 SunVTS7.0 should have default value for test time and pass and not infinite value 6702024 removing netlbtest(Network LT) in stress level 4 for x86 profiles, enduser pkg 6704229 SunVTS7.0ps2 Bootable DVD Memory LT does not complete single pass after 13+ hours in SL-6 BAT 6706015 ramtest gives unnecessary WARNING on diskless clients systems with lock=physmem (from 137818-01) (PS1) 6663085 xnetlb needs to be included in Network rules file 6664064 LT "Memory' reported the system got one pass but ramtest & many vmemtest inst. didn't get one pass 6664610 SunVTS7.0: Allow tasks execution in the order that they are mentioned in the test profile 6664701 change 'Logical Test' to 'Test' in BUI 6665808 ability to select/deselect a task within the profile in Rules File 6671404 disable floppy testing in Sunvts7.0 6671635 disable the Verbose in "global_options", but the test messages logged into the file sunvts.verbose 6672801 Typo error: Processor.l2sramtest.1.VERBOSE Way Stirde NTA_30n March 6674267 Ioports LT should be disabled by default for x86/x64 platforms 6674830 modify startsunvts script URL to display DNS domainname or IP Address 6674841 ability to deselect a LT by default for a specific profile 6677574 Disktest failed immediately on Sun-Fire-V245 with snv_85 but passed with s10u5 on the same machine 6678541 Serialtest core dumps on Sun Fire V20z. 6680277 cannot read log files from SUNVts bootable DVD on Venus 6680454 Media.cddvdtest fails on multiple Sun Fire X4250 system 6681972 sorted table display gets wiped out on refresh 6683137 sunvts7.0: sunvts.info file should not log test probe failure mes sage 6685530 changing "Test Table" sort view for one host is applied to "Test Table" view of other hosts also 6687015 invokeVtsAgent script syntax error at 172 : `;;' unexpected 6687022 Graphics & HBA logical test messages show up on SPARC and x86 when using invokeVtsAgent script 6689250 SunVTS7.0ps1 Bootable DVD - system hangs with Memory LT for component stress[SL-6]


  • sunpatch-solaris-147936

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