Welcome McAfee Vulnerability Manager Customers

Why Rapid7?

The short answer: industry-leading technology and customer support. As McAfee's preferred vulnerability management partner, Rapid7 is equipped and ready to help you migrate to InsightVM, the vulnerability management solution of the future, or our on-premise Nexpose MVM solution as your MVM product approaches end of life.

Want to get familiarized with InsightVM before you're fully on board? Sign up for a free 30-day trial and resource package that will make your transition virtually seamless.

By completing the form, you will receive:

  • Your 30-day trial of InsightVM
  • A quick rundown of InsightVM (including all the features you would be gaining by switching over from MVM)
  • An overview of the MVM Migration Toolkit—a set of utilities and documentation designed to help you deploy InsightVM and migrate essential aspects of your MVM configuration
  • A brief that details InsightVM's multiple integration points with McAfee ePO™ and Data Exchange Layer (DXL)

Questions? Looking for Nexpose MVM? Reach out to sales@rapid7.com, and we would be happy to help.