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1. Security Orchestration and Automation Playbook

Not sure where to start with InsightConnect? Check out our SOAR Playbook for details on the most common security and IT use cases, as well as sample workflows and useful tips on how to get started.

2. InsightConnect Getting Started Guide

Consider this guide your one-stop shop for all things automation. This digital resource covers everything, including: how to install and activate the Orchestrator (i.e. InsightConnect’s automation engine), recommendations for building workflows, step-by-step instructions on how to map InsightConnect’s capabilities to your organization’s needs, and more.

3. Rapid7 Extension Library and Discussion Forum

At its core, InsightConnect is a platform for leveraging integrations to automate tasks and processes via workflows. We make it easy to automate your first use case by providing access to a growing library of 290+ plugins, as well as customizable prebuilt workflows. You can also join our discussion forum to share use cases, content, and feedback with a growing community of security practitioners.


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