Protect Yourself from Phishing

February 06, 2018

rapid7_phishing_poster.jpgClick the image to view the full-size infographic. (Printing encouraged!)

Phishing is the most prevalent security threat to businesses worldwide. Business email compromise (BEC) scams, a popular form of phishing, alone have caused $5.3 billion in losses over the last three years. The key to protecting your organization from sensitive data and monetary loss? Training your employees to be the first line of defense against phishing.

The handy poster above can be printed and distributed across your office to make your peers aware of common Indicators of Phishing (IOPs). Soon, they will be able to identify and report suspicious email activity, and you’ll collectively be on your way to better security posture.

Stop Phishing in Its Tracks

Detect risky behaviors and respond to intruders with speed.

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