Managed Threat Complete

Pricing & Packages

Powered by leading XDR technology, you’ll unlock the power of a holistic program with an elite team of always-on, global SOC experts, and unlimited incident response, vulnerability management, and data ingestion – all from one service.

Choose the package that fits your needs now and grows as you do: packages use transparent, predictable asset-based pricing, so there are no surprises.

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What's Included in Your Subscription:

  MTC Essential MTC Advanced MTC Ultimate
Threat Detection and Response
  Add-On Add-On Add-On
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Exposure Management
  Limited Limited
  Limited Limited
  Managed DRP Add-On Managed DRP Add-On
  Managed DRP Add-On Managed DRP Add-On
  Managed DRP Add-On Managed DRP Add-On
  Managed DRP Add-On Managed DRP Add-On
Cybersecurity Program Growth
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Data and Technology


  • What is the cost for each package?

    Each Managed Threat Complete solution is custom quoted for your specific environment size. MTC packages have simple and predictable pricing structures based on the number of assets in your environment.


  • Where is the MDR package?

    Managed Threat Complete is our MDR offering, but it offers so much more! MTC includes all Managed Detection and Response (MDR) capabilities, plus our Managed Cyber Risk service which includes internal and external scanning of your assets and unlimited scanning licensing for you to use with InsightVM.


  • What is the Advanced Cloud D&R Package?

    For customers who have cloud security tools such as Amazon GuardDuty, our team can monitor, detect, and respond to a subset of alerts originating from these systems.


  • I’m a current customer, how do I know what package I have?

    Current MDR Elite and MDR Essentials customers will continue their service. If you’d like to upgrade your service to Managed Threat Complete, please contact your CSM or AE to learn more.


  • How do you define an asset?

    Assets are hosts running a workstation or server operating system to which data has been attributed in the last 30 days. This would include things like servers, desktops, laptops (physical and virtual), point of sales systems, etc.


  • Does the pricing differ depending on the type of asset?

    The price does not change based on asset type.


  • Do I get a volume discount if I buy more than 500 assets?

    Yes. MTC is priced by asset. The price per asset decreases across asset count tiers.


  • Can I get a custom quote?

    For a price quote, please visit:


  • Are there yearly price plans?

    Yes. All MTC subscriptions are offered as an annual contract.


  • Is there different pricing for international customers?

    Yes, pricing will shift internationally. For a local price quote, please visit:

  • Does this pricing include support?

    All MTC customers have access to our robust documentation and support resources. Customer Support is available regionally between 8AM and 6PM, worldwide. Rapid7 also provides eSupport, an easy-to-use, integrated web support tool that provides personalized, comprehensive self-help resources integrated with our Support Centers. For customers seeking support, please visit:

    For those who would like additional support, Rapid7 offers services packages to help further accelerate and operationalize their specific initiatives. Learn more about available services here:


  • Can I test the underlying technology before I buy?

    Yes. We encourage you to try InsightIDR during your MDR evaluation process. After all, you’ll have full access to this technology as well. Sign up for a free InsightIDR trial here:


  • Is this pricing based on assets at one location? Can they spread between different locations?

    All assets do not have to be in one location. Many MTC customers have assets spread across multiple offices, remote employees, etc. That said, all assets connected to your InsightIDR instance must be in a logically-separated environment for our MDR analysts to perform proper detections and response.

    If you have multiple subsidiaries, business units, or any other type of additional environment coverage, you may qualify for our Multi-Org service delivery. Please contact your CSM or AE to learn more.


  • Does this pricing include InsightIDR?

    Yes! All Managed Threat Complete subscriptions include full access to InsightIDR’s unified SIEM and XDR technology. We feel it’s important for you to have full transparency into what our SOC team is seeing and doing as an extension of your team. You can search 13 months of logs, run investigations, monitor activity, and so much more. Whether you want to be 100% hands-off or log in once a day, you have the freedom (and access) to do whatever works best for you.


  • Does this pricing include InsightVM?

    Yes! All Managed Threat Complete subscriptions include full access to InsightVM solution for exposure management. We’ll perform internal and external exposure scans and generate actionable reports on your behalf, but you’ll have full access to create projects, track resolution, and integrate with your IT ticketing systems to build a holistic Vulnerability Risk Management program.