Instantly extend your team with MDR experts and XDR

Rapidly strengthen your team's security posture: Full Visibility, 24x7x365 expert monitoring, and best-in-class technology

Stop real threats and build cyber resilience

Gain visibility across your entire environment and be alerted when something is wrong (without the false positives). We’ll find and stop attacks for you; when an incident occurs, we’ll send over a detailed report with actionable insights so you can see the entire attack. Advance your program with clear, step-by-step guidance on what to do next.

No black box - ever

We’re built on transparency - you see what we see. Use the platform to check out what we’re working on, run your own investigations, view search logs, and more. Getting access to the latest threat intelligence research and comprehensive reporting means you always know where your security program stands.

Work in lockstep with the experts

Instantly extend your team with detection and response experts. We’ll help protect your environment 24x7x365, triage alerts, investigate incidents, and seamlessly pivot to breach response when needed. You'll also be able to leverage a personal security advisor, ready to collaborate and help scale your program - all without needing to hire.