Building an Incident Response Plan:

Team Role and Contact Templates

Below are templates for determing team roles and contact information you may need when responding to an incident. For a full list of Incident Response resources, click here.

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Team Roles and Contact Information

When building an incident response (IR) plan in your organization, ensure that all necessary stakeholders are accounted for and that their contact information is easily accessible in the event of a breach. Potential roles you'll need coverage for include an IR coordinator, a legal lead, and an internal communications lead, among others.

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Critical Contact Information

In the event of a breach, your organization may need to communicate with numerous outside organizations, from legal authorities to affected third parties. Use this template to list out your primary contacts and make keeping it updated a core component of your incident response plan.

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*These templates are intended to represent an example team. In reality, the makeup of each team and contact list will certainly vary based on a company's structure.