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The Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC compliance) is an older federal standard that defines a standardized desktop configuration to improve security. Although FDCC benchmarks have been superseded by USGCB benchmarks in 2010 and 2011, many agencies are still working on their FDCC compliance. If you're one of them, we can help you achieve FDCC compliance.

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How Rapid7 helps you get FDCC compliant

Check and report on asset settings

You can use Nexpose to easily and automatically check the settings on all the Windows assets in your organization to make sure they pass Federal Desktop Core Configuration compliance (FDCC compliance) - and quickly generate reports on their status. InsightVM is both SCAP validated and an FDCC compliance - certified tool.

Find exploitable vulnerabilities

While you're checking your assets for misconfigurations, InsightVM also scans your physical and virtual assets for vulnerabilities and malware exposure. In addition, it shows you the contextual risk for each found threat—that way you can prioritize how best to take action and achieve FDCC compliance.

Generate and submit CyberScope-compatible reports for FDCC compliance

A key part of FISMA compliance is submitting a CyberScope-compatible report on USGCB and/or FDCC compliance. CyberScope compatibility is a core feature of InsightVM, so your monthly reporting is hands-free and easy.