Docker and Container Security

Going beyond the container to secure your application infrastructure

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Just as virtualized operating systems revolutionized how we deploy IT infrastructure, virtualized applications in containers have the potential to revolutionize how we deploy web applications. But as with any new technology, rapid adoption can present new security risks and potentially leave your applications open to attack. You need to be able to assess all layers of your new application infrastructure and ensure that your customer and critical data isn’t put at risk.

Secure every layer of your brave new containerized world

From securing container images pre-deployment to scanning production applications using coding best practices, Rapid7 is uniquely positioned to help organizations build out a secure containerized application development program; our products and service offerings enable security teams and application developers to think about containers like attackers do.

Secure the modern applications containers were built for

InsightAppSec is powered by Gartner's top-rated dynamic application security testing technology and is uniquely capable of discovering security flaws in the modern web applications that containers are built for. InsightAppSec provides:

  • Intuitive workflows, a modern UI, and quick deployment designed to get you to your first scan within minutes.
  • The Universal Translator, which provides comprehensive coverage of modern web applications and APIs developed with the latest frameworks.
  • Application portfolios that help you efficiently manage vulnerability scans and results of all your containerized web apps, APIs, and micro services.

Get expert help to build your web application security program with Rapid7 Consulting Services

Finally, while there are numerous benefits in containerization, securing containers are just a small piece of a healthy web application security strategy. Rapid7’s Consulting Services professionals have decades of experience building out application security programs and can help you create a long-term road map to ensure your business stays secure as it gets more efficient. Our penetration testers can also ensure that the security controls you’ve put in place to protect your new virtual infrastructure are working properly and keeping the bad guys out.

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